Unsatisfactory shape or size after breast augmentation

Unsatisfactory shape or size after breast augmentation

04th Oct 2016


No one can argue with the fact that voluptuous breasts have been a symbol of femininity since the beginning of time. While some have been fortunate to have naturally large, full breasts, others have to ask the help of a plastic surgeon to achieve their dream with a breast augmentation.

Why do women choose breast implants?

Each patient might have her own reasons for resorting to this specific type of plastic surgery, but most plastic surgeons will tell you that appearance is the main reason for desiring this surgery. Breast implants are the only way to enlarge the breasts in a harmonious, predictable, and safe way. Many of you already know that there are no potions, pills, or creams that will work for breast augmentation. The only valid solution for someone who desires fuller, rounder breasts is breast augmentation surgery.

Once you have decided you want to have a breast augmentation procedure, the questions begin: How will my breasts look after the surgery? Will they be the exact size I want them to be? Will they be too close to each other? I want them to be close, but not unnaturally close. The list of worries can go on for page after page. You might find it difficult to find answers to all your questions, but there are a few that you should ask your doctor at the meeting before the procedure is scheduled.

Important questions to ask your doctor about breast augmentation surgery:

  • What size of breast implant would suit my body frame and shape?
  • What shape of breast implant should I choose?
  • What type of breast implant is good for me?
  • Where will the breast implant be placed?
  • What are the risks of the breast augmentation surgery?

Of course, there will be many other questions that won’t let you sleep at night, but these are the ones that should be answered before anything else, as the answers will give you an idea of what to expect after the breast augmentation procedure.

There are other questions that might sound a bit rhetorical, and your doctor may not be able to help with answers for them. These are:

  • What if I don’t like my breasts after the breast augmentation procedure?
  • What if the size of the implants is not what I wanted?
  • What if I don’t like the shape of my breasts after the implants?

Dissatisfaction with the shape or size of breasts after breast augmentation is not uncommon in patients. What will happen in most cases is that the doctor will recommend the size he thinks will suit your body best, even if it is a little smaller than you requested. So, if you are not pleased with the look of your breasts after the surgery, discuss the issues with your doctor. He might explain to you that what you want can’t be done, or worse, that it can be done but with unpleasant results.

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