Using breast sizers to determine the appropriate implant for you

Using breast sizers to determine the appropriate implant for you

08th Jun 2016

One additional way to determine the breast implant size that will be most appropriate for you is by using what is called a breast sizer. A breast sizer is a device that the surgeon uses during surgery to determine the breast implant that will fit you best. There are two different types of sizers: silicone and saline. I typically use a saline sizer, regardless of whether I am ultimately going to use a saline or a permanent silicone implant.

Let’s take a look at a saline sizer. They come in different profiles and sizes. This sizer has tubing that is attached to a saline bag, and once inserted, the bag is inflated to the desired breast size. Once the volume is determined, the sizer is removed and a permanent breast implant is placed.

I don’t use the sizer to determine what is the most appropriate implant for you. I can determine this during your consultation with me. However, sizers do come in handy in my practice to match the volume of your breasts. Every woman has some sort of breast asymmetry; this is the norm. When you augment the breast, these asymmetries become more obvious. In those patients who have a significant preoperative volume mismatch, meaning a more than 50 cc difference in breast volume, I use the sizer to better match your breast volume after surgery.


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