Using fat transfer to add volume to the buttocks

Using fat transfer to add volume to the buttocks

13th Sep 2017

The concept of feminine beauty may vary from person to person. Nevertheless, society, in general, has certain expectations that are deemed ideal. Women strive to attain a specific archetype by enhancing their physical appearance through exercise, cosmetics or surgery.

For women who wish to gain aesthetically appealing or fuller buttocks, fat transfer surgery is a suitable option and it makes use of the client’s own body fat to achieve that goal. The fat transfer procedure is more commonly known as the Brazilian butt lift. Not only does it add projection to your derriere, it also improves the contour and anatomy of the buttocks so they complement your overall figure. This is done by removing surplus fat from specific areas of the body and injecting the extracted fat into the buttocks. Additionally, this surgery can be tailored to suit each patient’s needs and desires.

Increasing Popularity of The Surgery

Over the past 10 years, the fat transfer procedure for buttock enhancement has witnessed a sharp rise in popularity thanks to its effective results. A number of plastic surgeons have introduced effective modifications to the surgery based on their expertise for the purpose of delivering better results to the patients. If you are dissatisfied with the volume of your buttocks, you may choose to undergo the fat transfer surgery to improve the projection of your derriere as several celebrities have done.

So, what has made this procedure so popular? Well, its fame can be attributed to its adaptability, excellent results and few side effects, complications and risks. The procedure provides safer and better results than the buttock implant surgery. It does not involve the use of any foreign material to add fullness and shape to the butts. Instead, your own body fat is injected in the required areas which eliminates the risk of triggering a potentially harmful immune response.

The fat transfer surgery has seen several waves of improvements over the years. The surgical technique is now safer and more effective due to recent innovations such as the use of power-assisted liposuction which removes fat from different parts of the body in a less painful manner. The vibration and tunnelization technique for fat grafting is another prime example of a modification that has further enhanced the results of the fat transfer surgery. Moreover, the aesthetic outcome of the fat transfer surgery is far better than that of buttock implants and the results of the Brazilian butt lift are more natural and reliable because the patient’s own body fat is used in the procedure.

How Is The Fat Transfer Surgery Conducted?

This surgery is conducted on an outpatient basis. It can be performed in a hospital, surgical clinic or the plastic surgeon’s office. Increasing the buttock volume requires more fat, so large-volume fat transfer would have to be carried out to achieve the objective.

Before undergoing the surgery, your plastic surgeon will thoroughly assess your body and health to ascertain whether you really qualify for the surgery. If you are lacking surplus fat in other parts of your body, or if you are suffering from serious illnesses, your surgeon will suggest you to avoid plastic surgery. You can also expect the surgeon to ask you questions about your aesthetic goals and expectations, so make sure to share them clearly.

The fat transfer procedure involves removal of fat from the body areas, including the abdomen, sides, flanks, love handles, upper back and thighs. The surgery is normally carried out under general anesthesia. The first step in the surgery is fat removal from the donor areas though liposuction. It is pertinent to mention here that in a single session of liposuction, only 6-8 pounds of fat can be extracted from your body. Removing more than this volume can trigger fluid imbalance in your body, which can result in complications.

The extracted fat is then run though a sophisticated purification system that aids the surgeon in selecting healthy and safe fat cells for injection into your derriere. Not all the fat removed from your body can qualify for the procedure as only the viable fat cells will be injected through tiny cannulas placed inside of the buttocks. After the fat has been completely transferred, the incisions will be sutured. The results of the surgery are immediately visible but the full outcome will only show after the incisions have fully healed.

Preparing For The Fat Transfer Surgery

In order to get ready for buttock enhancement via fat transfer, the first criterion is that you must have a good overall health. Also, you must be emotionally and cognitively stable. The plastic surgeon will provide you instructions on how to get ready for the operation and how to recover smoothly after the surgery.

Patients who are taking drugs such as blood thinning medications, herbal medicines, supplements, anti-inflammatory medications and mood enhancement drugs will be required to stop taking them. In addition, smokers will be required to quit smoking a few weeks before the procedure.

It is crucial for the fat transfer patients to ready themselves psychologically and emotionally for the procedure. This will help you cope with any pain or discomfort during the recovery period.

Candidacy For The Fat Transfer Surgery

In order to be a good candidate for the fat transfer procedure, you must be in good physical, emotional and mental health. If you are suffering from serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, blood disorders and high blood pressure; make sure to bring this to the knowledge of your surgeon. Furthermore, you must have surplus, unwanted fat deposits in your abdomen, sides, flanks, thighs, back and love handles. Having realistic expectations is also important to be considered a good candidate for the fat transfer procedure. If you want to increase the projection of your derriere to a certain degree, your surgeon may recommend the buttock implant method because fat transfer can add only a mild to moderate volume to the buttocks. The plastic surgeon will also examine your skin quality and tone to determine your candidacy for the surgery. It is also important for you to have stable weight prior to the procedure.

Recovery After Fat Transfer

Recovery after the fat transfer surgery for butt enhancement is normally painless; however, some people may experience some degree of discomfort that can be managed with pain relief medications. The surgery is performed on outpatient basis, which means you may go home a few hours after the surgery if your vital signs remain stable post-operation.

Your surgeon may recommend you to wear compression garments for a few days after the procedure. This will help you heal faster and prevent many health complications. Furthermore, drain cannulas may be placed in the incisions to ensure bloodstained fluids don’t collect there. You will also be told to avoid sitting down for the first week because doing so can negatively affect the surgery’s results and will also trigger complications. Instead, you should lie down on your stomach or rest on your side.

You can resume work after 7-10 days. After 2-3 weeks, you would be ready to engage in limited physical activities, including non-strenuous exercise. You will need to limit your activities and avoid high endurance activities for at least one month after the procedure.

Results of The Fat Transfer Procedure

The results of the fat transfer surgery will be visible immediately after the procedure; however, full outcome of the surgery will only become apparent after you have completely healed. This may take even months.

The fat transfer procedure will provide you with moderately fuller and voluminous buttocks. The procedure has a history of delivering safe and effective results to the majority of patients. You will experience improvements in your buttock size, volume, shape and contour after the surgery. The good news is that the aesthetic improvements will appear completely natural because your own body fat has been used to enhance your derriere and the results achieved with the procedure will complement your overall figure. The size and movements of your butts will also appear congruent with other areas of your body.


The fat transfer surgery is an effective plastic surgery procedure to add volume, projection and shape to the buttocks. Women who have flatter or smaller butts can get impressive aesthetic improvements with this surgery. Also, if you have lost buttock volume as a result of aging, gravity, illness, weight loss or medications, you can use this procedure to restore the fullness of your derriere.

The procedure involves removal of surplus fat from other parts of your body and then injection of the fat inside of your butts. Since your own body fat has been used, the results are natural and the procedure is relatively safer than procedures that make use of foreign substances. This procedure can add moderate volume to your butt, so if you are looking for a substantial addition in volume, you should consider the butt implant surgery. Lastly, make sure to get the surgery performed by a Board-Certified plastic surgeon only.

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