Using plastic surgery to look like a celebrity

Using plastic surgery to look like a celebrity

05th Jul 2019

Using plastic surgery to look like a celebrity



It’s not easy to be the center of attention, especially in a place like Hollywood when there is always a fresh line of newcomers looking fresher, suppler, younger and more enthusiastic. To keep up with the demands of the entertainment industry, many celebrities resort to plastic surgery. From facial procedures to breast and butt augmentations, liposuction to slim down the waist, these are just some of the procedures commonly performed on celebrities. While in some cases the results are noticeable, many celebrities still insist on denying letting the plastic surgeon remodel their bodies. 

With the cult status that many celebrities have nowadays, it is no wonder that people from all over the world dream of having buttocks like J.Lo’s, lips like Angelina Jolie’s, and breasts like Sofia Vergara’s. And many women do end up using plastic surgery to look like a celebrity. Is this a good idea?

In this article, we will discuss using plastic surgery to look like a celebrity, the risks involved, and what you should do instead.


Plastic surgery for celebrities

Hollywood is a cruel world. There is a non-stop competition for the best scripts, the best roles, and so on. Even A-list celebrities can struggle to get the parts of their dreams and to stay in the spotlight for as long as possible. In many cases, their appearance dictates whether they will get a part and how successful their career will be. Many young actors are advised by their managers to get plastic surgery to correct different imperfections or enhance parts of their bodies, while more experienced actors have had small or more complex procedures for years or decades. Plastic surgery can be used not only to enhance the appearance of different features of the body but also to remove some of the signs of aging, both from the face and the body. Stubborn deposits localized on the midline, saggy breasts or tummies can easily be corrected with the help of plastic surgery nowadays.

If we are to take into consideration what they say, some celebrities are strongly against the rejuvenation and enhancement of the body that can be achieved with plastic surgery, while others have a more liberal view and mention resorting to plastic surgery here and there. 

The reality is that over the last few decades, plastic surgery has become safer and delivers more spectacular results. Data shows that over 20 million cosmetic procedures are performed each year around the globe. This means that it is no longer just celebrities looking for help from a talented plastic surgeon to look their best but also people from different avenues of life.


Dangers of trying to copy a celebrity’s physical appearance

A responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will always warn patients about the dangers of trying to copy a celebrity’s physical appearance. However, not all surgeons are responsible or experienced, and this is why we see in mass media from time to time people undergoing countless procedures to look more like a celebrity. Do they achieve their goals? Some do to some extent, but with unbelievable risks and long-term consequences. However, how it would be like if we saw hundreds of Kim Kardashians on the streets or in a club all at once? 

There are considerable risks associated with undergoing plastic surgery to look like your favorite celebrity. Before discussing the moral and ethical implications of trying to copy someone else’s appearance, we should discuss the complications that can be associated with this attempt. Each person is unique and has a particular set of anatomical characteristics. Using plastic surgery, we can alter these characteristics to a certain extent, but what we can’t do is create breasts identical to someone else’s if the physiognomy of the patient doesn’t allow this. Forcing certain results on the patient can mean complications beyond severe and life-threatening consequences. Each procedure has certain indications and contraindications that are decided according to multiple factors such as the age of the patient, skin condition, the tonus of the tissues in the area, the overall appearance, body weight, and height, among others. These recommendations can rarely be taken into consideration if the goal is to copy someone else’s appearance. This can also lead to unsatisfactory results after undergoing plastic surgery. 

From time to time people have managed to copy the appearance of their favorite celebrity to a certain extent, but what we rarely see is how many others are trying to do the same and failing and are left with long-term negative consequences to suffer for the rest of their lives.

Using plastic surgery to look like your favorite celebrity is not a good idea and should be avoided. You can discuss with the plastic surgeon if you would like to have features that are similar to a celebrity and ask for his advice whether it is possible and recommended for you to get something similar. But plastic surgery should be performed to help patients look their best, not look like someone else.


Plastic surgery to look your best

A responsible and experienced plastic surgeon would tell you that if you believe that getting bigger breasts or buttocks or correcting breast or tummy sagginess will make you feel better about your physical appearance, you should undergo the procedure. Of course, provided that you are a good candidate for it and there are no contraindications. There are certain risks and complications associated with plastic surgery, just like any other surgery. The patient should have a clear view of the motivations behind undergoing surgery, and these should be related to improving the quality of life and enhancing the body appearance. Plastic surgery doesn’t equal instant fame and success, not even for celebrities, so it is not realistic to expect to have bigger breasts and immediately land a role in a movie.

Plastic surgery can be used to enhance your natural beauty, correct physical imperfections, and improve features of the body for a better-defined silhouette. During the pre-operative consultation with the plastic surgeon, you can discuss your reasons and expectations and look for his advice in terms of what procedure would be more suitable to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Some patients are surprised to find out during the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon that the procedure they wanted to get is not actually the right one for them. This is frequently the case with breast augmentation and breast lift procedures. 

It is normal to want to resort to plastic surgery to get a more youthful appearance and more and more people, both men and women, are doing this nowadays. There are many goals that can be achieved with plastic surgery, however, looking like a celebrity shouldn’t be one of them.

Plastic surgery can help you look your best and emphasize on your strengths, and it can make your particular characteristics look more alluring and feminine so you can become more attractive. Most patients talk about a boost of self-esteem that can occur after undergoing plastic surgery with satisfactory results. However, it is important to keep in mind that whatever your motivation to get the surgery might be, you can only achieve good results if you choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and you discuss things with him in an open and honest manner.



A decade ago plastic surgery was mostly used by celebrities and rarely affordable and available for people from other different venues of life. Nowadays things have changed considerably, and more and more people from around the world have access to plastic surgery. 

Celebrities often use plastic surgery to stay on top of their game and get more or better roles, contracts, or money. The competition is fierce, even for A-list celebrities with plenty of experience. Among them, there are some who prefer to age gracefully while others have had plastic surgery for years to look younger and fitter.

With plastic surgery becoming affordable for people in different economic situations, a trend has occurred: using plastic surgery to look like a celebrity. There are people nowadays who resort to plastic surgery to have their appearance altered and transformed into the one of their favorite celebrities. This is dangerous and can lead to life-threatening consequences, not to mention the ethical aspect of the matter. A responsible plastic surgeon will recommend you to use plastic surgery to become the best you can be and not try to be a copycat.


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