Volume of fat transfer to the butt

Volume of fat transfer to the butt

18th Feb 2018

Women are incredibly conscious when it comes to their buttocks. They desire to have more prominent, shapelier, projected, curvaceous, and aesthetically appealing backsides that make them look more feminine, fertile, and physically beautiful. However, not all women have naturally voluptuous, shapelier, and projected buttocks.

Many women only dream of having beautiful derrieres, and there are those that use outside interventions to sculpt and contour their buttocks into the derriere of their dreams. If your buttocks lack shape, definition, size, and projection, one of the best options to enhance them is via fat transfer. Also, known as the Brazilian butt lift, fat transfer surgery involves the use of your body fat to deliver the desired results.

Many patients ask how much fat transfer is enough to get the desired outcomes. Many women who are thin also ask whether they would qualify for the surgery because they might not have enough excess fat in their body. If you are curious about the volume of fat transfer to the buttocks, the answer is not straightforward.

The volume of fat you will need on each side of your buttocks depends on the specific aesthetic flaws in your butt, your aesthetic goals and expectations, the availability of fat in your body, etc. Depending on these factors, the plastic surgeon will come up with a customized solution for you.

In my practice, I have injected between 600 cc – 1000 ccs in each buttock for most of my patients. However, this doesn’t mean the patient that receives the maximum fat volume achieves the best outcomes. You must know what the intervention involves to understand this phenomenon. The procedure involves liposuction of the fat donor sites to remove the fat. During the fat extraction, some fat will be damaged, which will be disposed of during the fat process.

Second, when the fat is injected into the butt, some of them fail to survive. Your body may not necessarily vascularize some of the fat. Also, your body may re-absorb some of the fat. It is estimated that about 25 percent of the fat transferred to the butt will shrink as a result of these mechanisms.

Fortunately, if you choose a good and board-certified plastic surgeon, they will extract, process, and graft the fat carefully and adequately. It will boost the fat survival rate. Also, during the recovery period, you need to avoid applying pressure to the butt because that too can kill or damage the fat cells.

The average volume of fat that I have transferred to each buttock is 700 cc. However, if your goal is to achieve more projection and fullness and there is more excess fat available in your body, you can get more fat volume into each buttock. For example, you can get 600 ccs to 1000 ccs into each butt depending on your anatomy.

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