09th Nov 2016

LiposuctionSo, let’s say that you had liposuction done. The surgeon inserted a cannula and performed liposuction on your abdomen, your flanks, and your back, and you look great. So, what now? After this procedure, you need to maintain the result. Liposuction is not a license to go ahead and start eating anything and everything that you want. If you do not maintain your results, I can guarantee you that you are going to gain weight after the surgery. Why is this? Well, the surgeon reduced the density of fat cells in the areas where you had liposuction, but you still have fat cells.


Let’s assume that each circle is a fat cell. After liposuction, your fat cells will decrease in number, but you will still have fat cells. So, when you eat too much, the fat cells that are left behind are going to increase in size, and you will develop a new accumulation of fat. Not only that, I am sure you have heard patients saying that after liposuction the fat goes to other places, but this does not happen. What patients think is fat going to other places is just fat accumulating in areas where the liposuction was not performed. Why? Because the density of fat cells in those areas is the same as it was before surgery. So, if you gain weight after liposuction, you are going to look very disproportionate. The other areas of the body, such as your arms and legs, are going to look even thicker relative to the areas where you had liposuction.


Maintain your weight after liposuction if you want to invest in your body and your health. Liposuction is not a weight loss program; also, it is not a license to go and eat just because you think that all the fat cells were removed in one sitting. If you do not follow these recommendations, I can guarantee that you are going to gain weight after the procedure and you will not be satisfied with your results. You will lose your hourglass shape.

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