Weight Loss After Fat Transfer To The Breast

26th Nov 2018

Fat transfer to the breasts is one of the most popular and common procedures I have been performing for years. If your breasts lack projection or are poorly shaped, you can have a consultation with me to know whether fat transfer surgery can fix the condition. Fortunately, almost all of the fat transfer procedures that I have performed so far have been successful, and my patients are content with the results.
To remain satisfied with the results of fat transfer to the breasts, I always advise my patients to be careful after the surgery, especially when it comes to weight loss after the procedure. During the pre-operative consultation and after the surgery, I always tell my patients to maintain a stable weight. Many patients ask why this is necessary.
To understand why this is essential, you should know how I perform the procedure. Keep in mind that I perform fat transfer surgery by removing excess fat from different areas of your body and then inject it into your breasts. Once your body vascularizes the fat, the fat will start to behave just like the fat in any other area of your body. This means if you lose considerable weight, the fat in your breasts will shrink, which can cause the breasts to decrease in size and lose projection and shape.
If your weight loss is extreme, it can result in liquefaction of the fat in your breasts. As a result, it will not be possible to restore the previous results without additional fat injections into your breasts. It is for this reason that I always tell my patients to keep their weight stable after fat transfer surgery and avoid considerable weight loss.
I use specific methods to decrease the effects of weight loss on the breasts after fat transfer surgery. Keep in mind that if the fat extraction, fat processing, and fat grafting is not done carefully and accurately, weight loss will have a severe impact on the results. To prevent this, I always dedicate more time and attention to detail to the fat removal, purification, and grafting during the surgery. Despite this, you must do your best to avoid weight loss after the procedure. It will help prolong the results of fat transfer surgery.

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