What are the temporary side effects of buttock augmentation?

What are the temporary side effects of buttock augmentation?

26th Sep 2018

Buttock augmentation entails a number of temporary side effects, in addition to the risks and potential complications. Even though the surgery can deliver you amazing results by adding projection to your backside, making it appear aesthetically pleasant, the side effects can be very uncomfortable or unbearable to some patients.

Every surgery has its side effects and risks. You need to be aware of the side effects of butt augmentation first before considering going under the knife. During the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon, be sure to ask what the temporary side effects of butt augmentation are. There are two types of buttock augmentation procedures: butt implants and fat transfer. The temporary side effects in fat transfer are lower than that involved in butt implant surgery.

Temporary side effects of butt augmentation

There are a number of temporary side effects that may occur after buttock augmentation, particularly during the recovery period. These side effects differ from patient to patient, meaning not all patients will experience the same side effects with the same intensity. The common temporary side effects of buttock augmentation will be explained below.

Numbness in the buttocks: Whether you have undergone butt implants surgery or the Brazilian butt lift, you may feel numbness in your buttocks for days, weeks, or months after the procedure. The numbness after butt implants surgery may be prolonged than that of BBL. The temporary loss of butt sensation will subside soon, and its natural sensation will be gradually restored. However, in rare cases, the loss of butt sensation may be permanent. If your butt sensation does not restore even after two to three months following the procedure, you should consult it with your doctor.

Tenderness and pain: After the buttock augmentation, you may feel pain and discomfort in your butt area. This is more likely in the case of butt implants surgery because it involves placing of relatively large incisions on your backside. Your skin, tissue, blood vessels, and veins may be injured during the surgery, which will create pain during the recovery period. The pain and discomfort are temporary, meaning it will subside within 2-4 days following the procedure. You should be able to overcome the pain with painkillers; however, if the pain becomes too intense, you should contact your doctor.

Inflammation: As a result of the surgical intervention, expect your buttocks to be swollen. The swelling can be intense after the surgery because it involves placing of artificial implants inside the butt. The inflammation will continue for a prolonged period, even months after the procedure. It will gradually disappear over time. In the case of BBL, the swelling will be mild, which will subside within a few days or weeks. In any case, if the swelling expands beyond the surgical area, you should see your doctor immediately because it may be a sign of complications like blood clotting, hematoma, or seroma.

Vomiting, sickness, or nausea: The butt augmentation is quite traumatic, especially if it is the butt implants procedure. You may vomit or feel nauseated and sick after the procedure. These are temporary side effects of the surgical trauma, anesthesia, and medications. You will start feeling normal within a few hours or days after the surgery. If general anesthesia or IV sedation is used, you may feel confused, dizzy, and sleepy for at least one day.

Allergic responses: If you are allergic to any of the surgical tools or medications used during the procedure, you may develop symptoms of allergy. You may get rashes on your skin, or feel irritation, itching, or hives in your body. This can be quite uncomfortable, but they are temporary side effects of butt augmentation. If you are already aware that your body is allergic to certain medications or equipment, you should bring this to the knowledge of the surgeon during the initial consultation.

Temporary complications related to the sutures: In the case of BBL, only one suture will be placed on your butt because the procedure does not involve major incisions. However, if your buttocks were augmented with butt implants, there will be more and bigger sutures on your backside. The sutures are normally removed after a few weeks; however, sometimes they just fall off through the incision. This is absolutely normal. Just visit your doctor, and he will remove the sutures and clean the area.

What are the risks?

While the temporary side effects of buttock augmentation will naturally subside, there are other risks that may need treatment if they happen. These risks include infections, reabsorbed fat after BBL, capsular contracture, seroma, hematoma, butt implant shifting or displacement, excessive bleeding, blood clotting, tissue necrosis, and the loss of or change in skin sensation. While these complications are rare if your surgery is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, we cannot completely rule them out.

Another unavoidable and unwelcoming side effect of the buttock augmentation is the post-surgical scarring. The incisions placed on your buttocks during the procedure will turn into scars over time. Sometimes, the scars develop to be unpleasant and unwelcoming. In most cases, the scars will gradually fade over time; however, they will not completely disappear. You can ask your plastic surgeon for ways to minimize the visibility of them.


Buttock augmentation is a major plastic surgery. After the procedure, you may experience a host of temporary side effects like pain, swelling, nausea, sickness, numbness, and allergic reaction of the body. These side effects will gradually disappear over time; however, if they persist for a longer period or become worse, you should contact your plastic surgeon. You should be prepared to experience these side effects.

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