What bra should i wear after breast augmentation?

What bra should i wear after breast augmentation?

10th May 2017

Among the common questions women ask their surgeon is what type of bra they should wear after their breast augmentation surgery. The answer to this is, it depends. The type of bra that you have to wear highly depends on your surgeon. Each surgeon suggests different types of bras to their patients, and they have their own reasons why. Nevertheless, the best bra to wear is the one prescribed to you by your surgeon because they know what your breasts need and which bra can provide it.

There are many surgeons who recommend their patients to wear sports bras. This is because the closure of sports bras is found in front, which makes it easier for you to put it on or take it off. The idea is to minimize movement in your breast area during your recovery period. As a result, your surgeon will advise you to wear this type of bra for several weeks until you can wear your regular bra.

On the other hand, some surgeons opt for a medical compression bra because it is made to provide support for their patient after the operation. These are specially made bras for the breast augmentation surgery. They actually help improve the blood circulation, minimize swelling and keep the implants in their right position. Compared to the sports bras available in the market today, these offer more support for your breasts.

Regardless of which preference though, most surgeons will agree that their patients should never wear a bra with an underwire right after their surgery in order to prevent irritation of the skin. The wired bras can irritate the incision and cause even more problems. With that said, there are some cases where surgeons allow it, but this is only because their incisions are found elsewhere and not on the crease at the bottom of the breasts.

Then there are those who suggest patients not to wear a bra at all because they feel that the bandages are enough support to the breasts. This is why they feel that the patients do not need bras to give extra support in that area. Even those who have implants can be allowed to just wear bandages instead of bras if the surgeon feels that there is no risk. Hence, the kind of bra to use is always best answered by the surgeon who operated on you because there are many options to choose from and only they understand what is suitable.

In general, patients should learn to listen to their surgeons, especially when it comes to post-operative care, such as choosing a bra. Aside from your bra, you will also come home with bandages and dressings. It is important that you keep this intact until your surgeon tells you to remove them. Your breasts, as well as the bandages and dressing, should always be kept dry and clean. Usually, the bra is put over the bandages, which is why you should make sure to get bigger bras just for this occasion.

Taking this all into consideration, you should have an accurate measurement done on your new breasts, so that you can find the most appropriate size for you. It is important that you measure your new bra size and don’t simply estimate or guess because it does affect the physical condition of your breasts.

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