What can i do to recover quickly after breast lift surgery?

What can i do to recover quickly after breast lift surgery?

16th Feb 2018

The lifting of the breasts by eliminating the excess skin and fat tissue is a procedure that can restore the beautiful and youthful appearance of the breasts. The procedure can be performed just to correct saggy, droopy breasts or in combination with implants if the patient also desires an improvement in the size of the breasts.

The breast lift can last up to two hours, depending on the complexity of each case. Most patients will undergo the procedure under general anesthesia for their own comfort.

Like any other surgical procedure, the breast lift entails a certain recovery period. This downtime is different from patient to patient. However, generally speaking, during the first two weeks post-op the patient will experience some discomfort that doesn’t necessarily mean any intense pain associated with it. Swelling and bruising is also common but often subside within the first few weeks after the procedure.

It is normal for patients to want to recover as soon as possible after the breast lift surgery. However, it is essential to understand that rest is required to allow the body to restore after this complex procedure. Sleeping on the tummy is to be avoided for at least three weeks after the procedure so as not to put unnecessary pressure on the breasts and cause the surgical incisions to open.

A special post-op bra or sports bra is also mandatory to be worn for at least a month, preferably two after the breast lift surgery. Wired bras should be avoided for as long as possible, but at least the first three months post-op. This will help with a fast recovery after the breast lift.

Other recommendations that will promote quick recovery are not to smoke or perform physically demanding activities. Smoking before and after surgery can interfere with blood oxygenation that could in turn lead to delayed wound healing and other complications such as skin necrosis. The patient should avoid heavy lifting of objects, especially over the shoulders for the first month.

Your plastic surgeon will advise you to take it slowly after the procedure and resume activities gradually, avoiding the ones that are physically demanding. To have a quick recovery you need to start with having enough rest. Once your body is strong enough, you can start activities around the house.

Regarding the scars left after the breast lift surgery, you should know that the healing and maturation process lasts up to one year or more. Your plastic surgeon will advise you how to look after the wounds and what to avoid. It is important not to give into temptation and use different products that are advertised as promoting fast cicatrization of the scars. If the wrong product is used, infections can occur and this will delay the healing process. Even the right product used at a wrong time can create complications.

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