What cosmetic procedures can be combined with butt implants surgery

What cosmetic procedures can be combined with butt implants surgery

07th Apr 2017

The goal of going through a butt implant surgery is to augment the buttocks. The implants provide the additional mass needed to make the buttocks look bigger and better. It is a major type of surgery and should only be performed by certified and experienced surgeons.

One of the most common questions asked with regard to butt implant surgery is the possibility for it to be combined with other surgeries. Combined cosmetic surgeries are available today in order to save some time, go under anesthesia once, and to heal from multiple procedures at the same time. Although a combination of procedures is possible, it is not advised for all. There are many considerations that should be first thought of before going through combination surgeries.

The butt implant surgery is usually done on its own, but I combine the procedure with fat transfer to the buttocks and hips. The butt implant procedure mainly augments the buttocks and provides the additional volume. The fat transfer gives the shape.

Aside from fat transfer procedure, the butt implant surgery can also be combined with other surgeries such as breast implant surgery or the liposuction of the love handles. Although the combination of procedures is possible, there are just a number of surgeons who are willing to do it. This is because the combined procedures are more complex to perform in association than separately.

In addition to the limited number of surgeons who perform combination procedures, the patient themselves should be in the right condition in order to be a good candidate for the procedure. They should be in a good state of health and surgeons also assess if they are capable of healing on their own even after the combination of major surgeries.

Should you find a surgeon who agrees to combine other procedures with your butt implant surgery, make sure they are certified and experienced in it. It is not enough that they know how to do the procedure, but it is best if they do the procedure regularly and have a high success rate. It is quite dangerous to combine other procedures with the buttock implant surgery, so this decision should be well thought of.

The risk of combining other procedures with the butt implant procedure include a longer recovery time. This is because the body receives more trauma from the combined procedures. A longer recovery time also means the patient is at risk for developing various complications for a longer period of time. It can also be more difficult for a patient to recover because it is hard to find a comfortable position when various parts of the body are worked on during the surgery.

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