What happens when a breast implant ruptures?

What happens when a breast implant ruptures?

16th Mar 2018

One way to improve how the breasts look is to undergo a breast augmentation surgery. This procedure involves inserting an implant that is filled with either silicone or saline solution. The implant will make the breasts look bigger, more symmetrical, and better contoured. By improving how the breasts look, a woman can feel more confident about her body.

Although the breast implant surgery can help make them look better, there are also complications and risks that go with it. One of them is the rupture of breast implants. When this happens, there is a need to immediately remove the ruptured implants and replace them.

Breast implants are made to be durable which is why they usually last for a very long time. Most women had their breast implants for decades before it ruptured due to capsular contracture. Capsular contracture happens when the patient’s body reacts negatively to the implants by forming hardened capsules. The body will usually form it around the implants as a way of protecting itself against foreign bodies. When it hardens and calcifies, it is known as capsular contracture. This results to some of the muscles being pulled, and can also cause tightening around the implant until it cannot withstand the pressure anymore, so it ruptures or leaks.

Some patients find it easy to figure out when their breast implants rupture because they can clearly see that there is a deformation of the breasts. Others do not notice this when the change in their breast appearance is not visible. For those who have saline filled implants that rupture, the saline solution will simply be absorbed by the body. On the other hand, silicone that leaks out from the implants should be manually removed through surgery, and this can be quite difficult.

The removal of a ruptured implant can be done by going through another surgery. The surgeon will carefully take out the implant along with the capsule to prevent the leaked silicone from getting to other tissues. In some cases, a whole and intact capsule can be removed, but there are other cases that it can’t be done. After removing the capsule, the patient can choose to replace the implant and another pocket will be made for the new one. It is also possible for patients to decide not to replace the implants and just have them removed.

The removal of a ruptured breast implant is done through another surgery. Patients must carefully select the surgeon to work with because it is easier to have implants placed in than to have them removed, especially when it has already ruptured. Surgeons are tasked to remove as much silicone as they can to prevent it from migrating to other areas of the body. It is also up to their skillful hands to create another pocket in which the new breast implants will be positioned and remain for hopefully a longer period of time.

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