What I wish I knew before getting breast implants

What I wish I knew before getting breast implants

18th Aug 2021

Breast implants are the only solution that really works when it comes to enhancing the size of the breasts. Women can get bigger breasts in a matter of hours if they resort to breast implant surgery. 

The procedure is completely safe when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon in a hospital or accredited medical facility. The implants we use nowadays are FDA-approved, and numerous studies have proven that they are in no way associated with breast cancer. However, despite being a safe and efficient procedure, there are still risks and complications associated with breast implant surgery. 

Getting breast implants is not a walk in the park as some might consider. It is true that the procedure is mostly performed for aesthetic purposes, but it is a major surgery that entails a recovery period of no less than two weeks. 

If we ask patients what they wish they knew before getting breast implants, most talk about things they discovered during the recovery period, such as:

–    There will be pain and tension in the breasts

During breast implant surgery, the implants will cause the tissues of the breasts to be stretched, and hence a feeling of tension will be present for a few days post-op. Pain can also be experienced at the beginning of the recovery period, and this is completely normal. To alleviate the pain, take medication as per the doctor’s instruction. 

–    Intense efforts can lead to more pain in the evening

For a few weeks post-op, the recommendation is to avoid significant arm movements, stretching, lifting heavy objects, and any other intense physical effort. Failing to follow this could lead to complications such as wound opening, shifting of the implants, but also more pain that will be felt especially at night. 

–    Breast implants need to be massaged to soften and drop

The appearance of the breasts immediately after the surgery is very far from the final results. The breasts are initially high on the chest wall, and it takes a while for them to soften and drop in their pockets. To speed up this process, the plastic surgeon might recommend massages a few times a day after the incisions are fully closed. In some cases, a belt might be necessary to help the breasts descend faster. 

–    Swelling and bruising can last up to three months

Swelling and bruising are natural side effects of undergoing any type of plastic surgery, including breast implant surgery. The area of the breasts is very delicate and sensitive, so the swelling and bruising can last for a few weeks and even months. Each patient heals at a different pace and this is not abnormal, so there is nothing to be worried about. To reduce the swelling, it is important to wear the compression bra and to take Arnica Montana supplements if the plastic surgeon recommends it.

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