What is a mini breast lift procedure?

What is a mini breast lift procedure?

10th May 2018


The breast lift procedure involves removing skin from the sagging breast and raising the nipple to lift and shape the breast. The procedure is used to treat breast sagginess induced by aging, pregnancy, weight loss, and genetic factors. On the other hand, the mini breast lift treats mild sagginess of the breasts.

The mini breast lift procedure can be performed using a bilateral and unilateral approach. In the unilateral procedure, the process is performed on one breast to get balance with the other breast. This is particularly true if the patient is going through reconstructive surgery. The procedure may also be performed on both breasts if there is sagginess without unevenness.

Candidacy for mini breast lift

A good candidate for the mini breast lift is a woman whose breast is mildly dropping. The surgery does not need much down time as the full breast lift. Also, the mini breast lift costs less than the full breast lift. As compared to the mini breast lift, a full breast lifting is carried when the nipple drops below the inframammary crease of the breast.

The mini breast lift is for women who have faintly sagging breasts. It is a relatively newer procedure. The procedure reshapes the breast tissue to achieve upper pole fullness. It involves lifting the breast tissue to a higher position on the chest wall in addition to making the cleavage deeper.

Developed to prevent vertical scarring, the mini breast lift is also popular for retaining the patient’s ability to nurse and preserves the natural nipple sensation. Unlike the traditional approach, it does not change or cease your natural nipple sensation.

Benefits of mini breast lift

The mini breast lift makes the breasts appear aesthetically appealing. It lifts the nipples and breast tissue, which ultimately translates into firmer, perkier, voluptuous, and tighter nipples and breast. The breasts will become shapelier and contoured after the procedure.

Unlike the full breast lift, the focus of a mini breast lift is on the nipples. It elevates the nipples to a better aesthetic location on the breasts. This enhances the overall appearance of the breasts.

If your nipples are positioned above the lower folds of the breasts, the mini breast lift will effectively lift and enhance them. Like a full breast lift, your breasts will appear youthful and sexier after a mini breast lift. However, this treatment is suitable for patients who have mild to moderate sagginess in the nipples.

How is a mini breast lift performed?

In a full breast lift, the incision is placed around the areola. It then runs downward and ends below the underside of the breast. However, when it comes to the mini breast lift, the incision remains within the areola. It is perfectly camouflaged in the areolar region. Moreover, the incision is relatively smaller.

In the next step, an additional incision is placed around the first incision in a wide ring. The skin between the two incisions is then excised. In some cases, some amount of glandular tissue may also be removed. Now, the decreased areola is raised to an elevated position and stitched. Lastly, the larger incision is sutured into the areola in the shape of a purse-string.

Scarring after mini breast lift

As explained above, the incision used to perform the mini breast lift is limited within the areola. At the start, the resulting scar will give a crumpled appearance because the tissue has been congregated in one place. Over time, the scarring will become smoother. Patients must, however, keep in mind that it is never guaranteed that the scar will remain completely invisible within the areolar region. In most cases, it will be perfectly camouflaged due to the color of the areola; however, it is not guaranteed.

The resulting scar may require revision if you have a genetic tendency to develop extensive or intense scars, or if complications occur during the recovery period. It is therefore important to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions for a smooth recovery.

Recovery after mini breast lift

You will be able to resume your routine activities within two days following the mini breast lift surgery; however, some patients may feel exhausted and nauseated for a few days. You should take enough rest to help your body heal and recuperate from the surgical trauma.

Your doctor will give you a prescription for medications. You may get prescriptions for antibiotics and pain relief medications. Be sure to take your medications on time and according to the instructions of your doctor. Furthermore, you will be required to wear a support bra for a few days after the surgery. This is meant to help you heal quicker and properly. It will also help contain the swelling and discomforts after the surgery.

You may feel tightness in your chest after the procedure. This is absolutely normal. Your breasts will settle gradually, and you will feel normal a few months after the procedure. The swelling will remain for a few weeks after the procedure. Complete results of the procedure will be visible only after your breasts have completely healed. During the recovery period, you must avoid physically strenuous activities because they can negatively affect the aesthetic results achieved via mini breast lift.

Over time, you will observe that your breasts have become perkier and lifted. The good news is that your breasts will appear completely natural.


The mini breast lift is a relatively newer plastic surgery procedure to treat mild or moderate sagginess in the nipples. Unlike the full breast lift that enhances and lifts the overall breast, the mini breast lift is focused on the nipples. Improving the nipples through the mini breast lift ultimately helps enhance your overall breasts. If your nipples have become mildly or moderately saggy, the mini breast lift may help treat them. You should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to confirm whether the mini breast lift is right for you and what you should expect from the procedure.



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