What is a silicone granulomas?

What is a silicone granulomas?

11th Mar 2017

Any cosmetic surgery involves a risk of complications: for example, the aftereffects of anesthesia, infection, hardness and lumpiness, redness, bleeding, and pain. But the potential complications after any cosmetic surgery are nothing compared to the risk you run when choosing to have illegal silicone injections.

The silicone gel used for black-market buttock enhancement injections is made of big tridimensional molecules in a network. This gel is injected into your muscular tissue. Once inside, it triggers the body’s defense mechanism, and the silicone gel will be gradually taken over by certain cells of the body named macrophages for transportation to the regional lymphatic nodules. Through this process, a granuloma can form around a small quantity of silicone that leaks. These can be felt as lumps or nodules during a clinical exam and even by self-examination. Although, of course, these lumps are not cancer, without a biopsy and a proper examination it is very difficult to tell them apart.

Silicone granulomas are a frequent and dangerous side effect of black-market silicone injections. They occur after buttock enhancement procedures done with the help of people who are not allowed to practice medicine legally. The trauma that you put your body through when choosing this kind of procedure is beyond what you can imagine. It is a terrible stress for your body to deal with the silicone, and it can lead to awful complications, even years after the procedure was performed.

With the help of MRIs, we now can quickly diagnose silicone granulomas in the buttocks. Patients seek help because there can be a lot of pain associated with their formation. Aside from the pain, silicone granulomas will feel hard to the touch, and infections can also be associated with them.

The thing you need to know before asking for silicone injections on the black market is that once the silicone gel is inside your body, it will be very difficult to get out, should you choose to do so. The silicone granulomas can be removed, but depending on the size and the area where they are located, it might leave scarring.

When considering injections with silicone for soft tissue augmentation, you must be aware that the risk is much higher than with a regular cosmetic surgery procedure. This happens because plenty of the silicone used comes from the black market and is administered by unlicensed and untrained individuals. Death can also be one of the side effects of these silicone injections, so choose wisely.


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