What is butt reduction surgery?

What is butt reduction surgery?

03rd Jun 2019


While the butt augmentation procedure is commonly performed nowadays on both men and women, the opposite procedure, butt reduction surgery, is also in demand. Many people don’t know what butt reduction surgery is and how it can be performed.

Generally speaking, most candidates interested in undergoing the procedure are men with an excess of adipose tissue on the butt. This surplus of fat can make the buttocks look overly big and not very masculine. This is the reason why many men confronted with this issue resort to plastic surgery to correct the issue. Just like in the case of enlarged, feminine looking breasts, a butt that is too big can affect the self-esteem of the patient. There are also women interested in the procedure, but this is mostly the case when the buttocks are disproportionate to the rest of the body.

So, what is butt reduction surgery? Most patients know that breast reduction surgery, for example, entails the removal of a part of the mammary gland, aside from the skin and fat tissues. In the case of butt reduction surgery, we are often talking about liposuction. Liposuction is performed on the buttocks to make the rear end smaller and more proportionate to the rest of the body. When liposuction is used to contour and reduce the size of the buttocks, keep in mind the indications and contraindications of the procedure and also the potential risks associated with it.

Liposuction on the buttocks should only be performed as a stand-alone procedure if the patient has a good skin condition. Otherwise, sagginess will occur due to the skin’s inability to retract on the new contours of the body. If the plastic surgeon needs to extract a lot of fat from the buttocks and skin sagginess will occur, an additional procedure might have to be performed to correct the appearance of the behind, such as the butt lift. The butt lift is very different from a Brazilian butt lift as it entails the removal of excess skin left behind after liposuction on the buttocks.

Butt reduction surgery performed with the help of liposuction alone or in combination with a butt lift is a safe and efficient method to improve the size of the buttocks and make the body more proportionate. The procedure is commonly performed under general anesthesia and takes no longer than two hours. The hospitalization period is a few hours, and the patient is free to return home afterwards if no complications occur. The recovery period after butt reduction surgery can take up to ten days or more, depending on the procedure. During the recovery period and a few more weeks after, the patient is advised to wear the compression garments recommended by the plastic surgeon to reduce swelling and improve the results achieved with the procedure.

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