What is buttock implant made of?

What is buttock implant made of?

17th Apr 2018

A sexy silhouette can be achieved by having large breasts, slim waist, and plump buttocks. Unfortunately, not all people have their ideal bodies. To help in having a more flattering silhouette, cosmetic surgery can be performed. It can modify the body according to what the patient wants it to be. One of the areas of the body where alterations can be made is the buttocks.

The butt can be augmented to improve its size and shape. This can be done by making use of implants. The buttock implants will be inserted on each butt cheek through an incision that is found near the cleft in between them. In this position, the scar that results from the procedure is hidden and less obvious.

Before you have implants inserted for buttock augmentation, it would be best to know what they are and what they are made of. This helps inform you about the potential risk that it can bring. Remember that buttock implants are foreign to the body and it can possibly bring a negative reaction.

The buttock implants available today come from a long line of developments. Back then, the butt implants used were made of silicone gel, which is similar to what is used in breast implants today. There are also some which were water-based. Both of the silicone gel and water-based implants are prone to rupture and leakage because more pressure is received by the buttocks not only while sitting down but also while walking, running, or performing other activities.

Due to the high rate of ruptured and leaking implants, solid implants were developed. These are the ones that are widely used today. They are made of solid silicone but are still very flexible and soft that it feels and looks natural. These solid implants do not rupture and are less likely to cause silicone from spreading to other areas of the body where it can cause inflammation.

The gluteal implants generally come in four different styles. One of the most commonly used is Style 3. It is a rounded and non-directional implant that is mostly chosen because even if it rotates, it won’t distort the shape of the buttocks. Style 1 and Style 2 are the directional implants, which just means that their dimensions are not uniform all throughout the implant. These are usually more anatomical in shape but they need to be properly positioned, and when they rotate, it results to an obvious distortion of the buttocks. Style 4 is a buttock implant that can be customized by the surgeon through manually sculpting it to fit the buttocks of their patients perfectly.

The flattering results of a buttock augmentation surgery do not solely depend on the implants used. It is also greatly affected by the surgeon who will perform the procedure as well as the facility where the surgery takes place. The way you take care of your body during the recovery also affects the results that you will get.


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