What is considered an abnormal volume of the breasts?

What is considered an abnormal volume of the breasts?

19th Jul 2021

The development of the mammary gland can be so excessive in some women that it can significantly affect the quality of the patient’s life due to associated symptoms as well as pain localized in the back, neck, and shoulders. Over time, dermatological conditions in the inframammary fold can occur, as well as difficulties with sleeping and performing even simple tasks that require a certain level of physical effort. 

The side effects of having overly large breasts are more unpleasant when the breasts are larger. Many women with big breasts complain about having difficulties in performing any kind of sports or physical exercises. At the same time, they struggle to find clothes in their size and are unhappy with the deep indentations left by the bra straps on their shoulders. 

Generally speaking, the impact on the patient’s quality of life is more severe when breast hypertrophy develops at an early age. It is not uncommon for girls as young as 13 years old to have breasts measuring way more than a normal size.

Let’s see what is considered an abnormal volume of the breasts. Generally speaking, the size of the breasts should only be considered related to the other physical characteristics of the patient and not as a stand-alone volume. It is normal for a tall and athletic patient to have breasts with a larger volume than a petite patient with a thin frame. However, both patients can wear the same bra cup size. This is why it would be somehow more relevant to discuss the size of the breasts in terms of bra cup size and not the actual weight of the breasts. 

Considering standards, the C cup is considered the normality. However, the volume of a C cup is dependent on the size of the band as well. If you have a look at celebrities that had surgery to get bigger breasts and a more impressive cleavage, most of them are around an E cup. It is visible with the naked eye that the breasts are too large for the anatomy of the patient. So if a full C cup would be ideal for most women, a D cup is still good, even if it is on the large side. However, from the E bra cup size, the breasts start to become large, and it is a good idea for the patient to consider undergoing breast reduction surgery.

Keep in mind that even if overly large breasts don’t pose too many issues when the patient is young, with aging the conditions associated with overly large breasts can become more unpleasant and less manageable. 

Breast reduction surgery can be performed on patients of different ages, as long as the development of the mammary gland is complete. Generally speaking, the recommendation is to have the procedure after you are done having children.

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