What is silent rupture of silicone gel implants?

What is silent rupture of silicone gel implants?

24th Nov 2016

SILENT RUPTURE OF SILICONE Before considering breast enhancement surgery, it is important to know the details about the procedures available on the market and also the risks and potential complications of this surgery. As an experienced doctor, I can tell you that it is crucial for you to be confident that you are making the right decision for you, and to be fully aware of the recovery time needed for this type of plastic surgery.

Breast augmentation is oriented toward the enhancement of the breasts’ dimensions and improvement of their shape. The operation is usually performed when the patient considers that her breasts are too small or not proportionate to the rest of her body. Breast enhancement procedures can also be done to correct breast atrophy after breastfeeding or if the patient has suffered trauma that affected the breast appearance or structure.

The implants will be chosen according to the desires and specific characteristics of the patient. Implants can have a round shape or a tear shape (also called anatomic profile). They vary not only in size and shape, but also by material and surface type. A textured surface will reduce the possibility of fibrosis occurrence, for example. There is also more than one option for the placement of the implants: they can be placed either under the mammary glands or under the pectoral muscle.

While breast implants have never been safer than they are now, the risk of rupture is still there. Silent rupture is one of the most specific complications that can occur after a breast enhancement procedure. Silent rupture is characteristic of silicone gel implants: it is a rupture that happens with no visible changes that the patient or the doctor can observe during a regular physical examination. The best method to determine whether a silent rupture has occurred is to have an MRI done from time to time. Even if you have no symptoms such as pain or hardness, the silicone gel can leak from the breasts to other areas of your body.

It is crucial to discuss with your plastic surgeon all the risks and complications that can occur after choosing silicone gel implants for breast enhancement surgery; this way you can be prepared if anything happens. Most complications will only occur long after the surgery is performed, so if the doctor doesn’t inform you about them, they could go unnoticed, especially since the breast will look the same after a silicone implant ruptures. Unlike saline solution implants, where a rupture will make the breast look deflated, in the case of the silent rupture of a silicone gel implant, the patient rarely finds out there is a problem unless she has a proper medical consult.

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