What is the difference between the butt lift and brazilian butt lift?

What is the difference between the butt lift and brazilian butt lift?

02nd Feb 2018

People who are concerned about the looks of their rear ends can enhance the appearance of their butts by undergoing the butt lift or Brazilian butt lift. Which of these interventions is best for you depends on your aesthetic goals and the specific aesthetic flaws in your buttocks.

Patients with severely saggy buttocks may need a traditional excisional butt lift while those who have flatter, smaller, or poorly shaped butts should consider the Brazilian butt lift. The butt lift surgery can be performed as a single procedure or in combination with other interventions. The traditional butt lift involves surgical removal of the excess skin from the butts whereas the BBL involves the use of your body fat to add projection and shape to your backside.

The butt lift surgery

The traditional butt lift is a surgical intervention that involves the removal of excess fat from the buttocks. This method is regularly done for the individuals who have undergone weight loss or other problem that has made their derriere saggy. The procedure makes the butts firmer and youthful.

To perform the operation, the plastic surgeon will create an incision on the butts and remove the excess skin and fat. The surgeon will then tighten up your underlying muscles and make sutures deeply inside the tissues to hold your newly smooth buttocks in a raised up position.

As traditional butt lift is a complicated and prolonged surgical procedure. It typically starts with the administration of general anesthesia. At that point, the surgeon will mark incisions on your buttocks to reach the underlying tissue. Subsequently, your surgeon will take out the surplus skin and fat by using a scalpel or, at times, liposuction. Repositioning will be done for the rest of the tissue to get a springier and firmer appearance. The doctor will then suture and close the incisions.

There are four fundamental kinds of traditional butt lift procedures in light of the incisions:

• Upper buttock lift

• Butterfly buttock lift

• Lateral buttock lift

• Lower buttock lift

Depending upon your aesthetic requirements, the surgeon may either perform an upper butt lift by placing an incision through the highest point of your buttocks and taking away the excess skin and fat, or else the butterfly butt lift. In case of the later, the incision will run from the mid-fold of the buttocks to the upwards and outward direction. The additional two choices incorporate expelling unwanted tissue from the base of the buttocks and placement of surgical incisions on lateral sides of the butts. You ought to make sure to talk about the type of incision with surgeon ahead of the surgery.

Pros and cons of the butt lift

The buttock lift surgery is beneficial for patients who have developed saggy butts as a result of factors like weight loss, aging, gravity, and genetic factors. The advantages of traditional butt lift surgery include:

• A deceased danger of infection from the saggy skin

• An enhanced shape and firmness in your backsides as a result of the removal of the excess skin

• You will be able to perform physical activities and exercises without any difficulty after traditional butt lift surgery.

• You can combine the surgery with other interventions like buttock implants to further enhance your backside

On the other hand, the butt lift surgery is a highly invasive intervention. This means you will be left with scars in the buttocks. The procedure cannot be performed without scarring. In case you’re unwilling to consent for the scars, you won’t be a good candidate for this surgery.

The complete results of the traditional butt lift surgery wouldn’t be entirely visible instantly after the procedure. The outcomes would steadily show throughout the next couple of weeks or months, as the post-operative inflammation fades and the wounds heal. The patient may also experience pain and discomforts for a few days after the procedure. The severity of the pain depends on your pain tolerance level. Normally, painkillers can help you overcome the pain.

The downtime required for the procedure and recovery is also quite prolonged. You must take at least two weeks off work for recovery after the surgery. Complete recovery would take at least six weeks after the procedure. Also, there is a risk your butts may become saggy again if you experience considerable weight loss after the surgery.

Brazilian butt lift

One of the prevalent plastic surgery practices used to improve the appearance of bums is Brazilian butt lift. The surgery involves the use of your own body fat to enhance your rear ends. The procedure is recommended for women who desire to have shapelier, projected, and fuller buttocks.

The procedure involves three major steps: fat removal, fat processing, and fat grafting.

Step 1: Fat extraction

The Brazilian butt lift is performed under general anesthesia (GA) or Intravenous (IV) sedation. It begins with the expulsion of the abundant fat from various regions of your body. If a patient does not have excessive or undesirable fats in the body, he or she will not meet the basic requirements for the surgery. The fat is extricated with the assistance of liposuction. The basic fat contributing sites are the belly, love handles, and the upper area of the back beside thighs.

Step 2: Fat processing

In the second step, the fat cells will be prepared and cleansed by processing it through decanting and centrifugation. It is vital to remember that from all the removed fat cells from the body, just the maximum healthy and undamaged cells will be selected for transfer to the butts. In most of the cases, merely 30 to 35 percent fat will be chosen for transfer to the buttocks.

Step 3: Fat grafting

The third and final phase of the Brazilian butt lift is known as fat grafting. In this phase, the prepared and chosen fat cells from the second step are injected into the derriere with the help of a special needle. The doctor will infuse small amounts of the treated fat cells into the localized areas of the buttocks at different spaces and depths. As a result, the buttocks are contoured.

Pros and cons of BBL

• It provides a natural look to your buttocks because it involves the use of your body fat to enhance your rear ends

• Your buttocks will become properly contoured and appear shapelier and projected

• The procedure is less risky as compared to the traditional butt lifts surgery, which involves major incisions on the buttocks and removal of the excess skin

On the contrary, you will qualify for the surgery only if you have enough excess fat in your body. The patient must avoid considerable weight loss to sustain the results of the surgery. Weight loss tends to shrink the fat in your butts and annul the achieved results.

Risks of the procedures

Whether you are considering the butt lift or Brazilian butt lift, both procedures involve risks and complications. The patient must be sure to share her complete health information with the doctor during the pre-operative consultation. The risks can be severe in some cases. You should undergo the interventions only if the risks are lower than the benefits of the operation. The risks of the BBL and butt lift include:

• Infection

• Abnormal scarring

• Reabsorbed fat

• Revision surgery or additional procedures

• Fluid accumulation (seroma)

• Excessive bleeding

• Tissue necrosis

• Loss of skin sensation

• Blood clotting

• Numbness in the buttocks

• Severe swelling after the surgery

• Nausea and disorientation due to the use of general anesthesia

• Allergic reaction to medications

• General discomforts

• Swollen veins

• Suture complications

The risks are higher for patients who are suffering from health problems. For example, if you have diabetes, heart disease, an autoimmune disorder, or weak immune, you may be exposed to more risks. Many of these risks can be reduced or avoided by following the surgeon’s instructions. Also, be careful during the recovery period because doing so can also reduce the risks considerably. For the first two weeks after the surgery, you must avoid sitting and sleeping on your back.


There exists a huge difference between the butt lift and Brazilian butt lift surgery. The butt lift surgery is a traditional intervention that is used to treat saggy butts. The surgery involves surgical removal of the excess skin and fat from the buttocks. This helps make the butts firmer and youthful. On the other hand, the Brazilian butt lift is a modern procedure that is used to add projection and shape to the derriere. The procedure uses your body fat to deliver the desired aesthetic improvements. The excess fat is removed from the localized areas of the body through liposuction and then injected into the buttocks.

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