What is the most commonly used size for butt implants?

What is the most commonly used size for butt implants?

08th Apr 2019



Buttock augmentation with implants is one of the commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the US. Buttock implants are synthetic objects with the goal to make the butt bigger, projected, and sensuous. Buttock implant surgery is a major and invasive procedure and involves risks and complications. You should consider the surgery only if your buttocks are smaller or flatter, the condition is affecting your self-esteem, and the benefits of the surgery are greater than the risks for you.

Buttock implants are made of semi-solid silicone and come in various sizes. What size is best for you depends on the condition of your butt, your buttock dimensions, your aesthetic goals, and your body outline and size. Many women want to know what the most commonly used size for buttock implants is. I will throw light on this and associated topics in this article.


Common butt implant size

Butt implants come in many sizes. As such, patients get a wide variety of options when choosing their butt implant size. The minimum size available is 200cc and the maximum size is 800cc. While the butt implant size suitable for you depends on many factors, the commonly used size for butt implants ranges from 350cc to 600cc.  

However, it is important to keep in mind that the butt implant size best for you will be determined during the pre-operative consultation with a plastic surgeon. The surgeon will examine your butt, assess your health, analyze your goals, and take certain measurements before recommending your butt implant size. The doctor will take into account your existing butt dimensions and contours and understand how the condition is affecting your life. The patient must listen to the plastic surgeon and work in collaboration to choose a suitable implant size.

Remember, bigger is not always better. Your existing body outline, weight, and height will also be considered while choosing a butt implant size for you. There are many patients who are petite or thin and want to get the maximum butt implant size possible. It is not realistic and reasonable because very large implants can make a petite or thin patient’s butt look weird and abnormal. Your buttocks will not appear as a part or extension of your body. Rather, they will look like separate, abnormal objects.

If you are considering buttock implant surgery, you must accept the fact that each person has a unique body and profile. The implant size that was suitable for your friend or colleague will not certainly be suitable for you as well. Also, while the commonly used implants are between 350 and 600cc, it can’t be said with surety and before consultation that the same will fit you as well. The doctor will do many examinations and assessments and take measurements during the pre-operative consultation to determine the implant size suitable for you.

Ideally, the butt implant size must be in tune with your body outline and other body areas. It should fit well within your butt dimensions and make you look aesthetically appealing. In light of these, it is important for you to work with your surgeon to determine a suitable implant size for you.


What size is too big for your body?

Choosing the right butt implant size can be a hectic task. The wide variety of options often makes it overwhelming for the patient to choose. The best thing you can do is work together with your plastic surgeon to choose the right implant size. The plastic surgeon has years of experience and knows what size can fit you well and help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

If you end up choosing a butt implant that is too large for you, your butt will look fake. This will further affect your self-esteem in negative ways instead of improving it. Moreover, very large implants also mean additional weight that can make your butt saggy over time. Very large implants also entail more risks. It is important you must select your butt implants judiciously.

Butt implants are available in size range of 200cc to 800cc. Moreover, they come in oval and round shapes and have different profiles. These options provide enough room for the plastic surgeon to choose an ideal implant size for you that can help deliver the aesthetic results you are after.

Many patients think there is a common butt implant size that fits every patient. This is a pure myth. In my practice, I often see two major categories of women. First, many women are thin and want to make their rear ends look fuller. Then there are women who desire to have large backsides. Normally, if you are thin, you may qualify for an implant size in the range of 260cc to 300cc. On the other hand, if you are not very thin and desire to get a bigger booty, you may qualify for an implant size of 350cc to 530cc. Again, it all depends on the factors explained above.

When choosing the buttock implant size, you can ask the plastic surgeon to show you images of women he has treated in the past. It will give you a pretty good idea of what size may fit you well and deliver you the desired improvement. Be certain to filter down your search when looking at the pictures. Choose pictures in which the patient seems similar in body outline, size, weight, and profile to your body.

In case you have excess fat in different areas of your body and the main objectives of your plan for butt enhancement are to get a shapelier butt, you may consider fat transfer instead of implants. The procedure involves liposuction of the fat donor sites to collect donor fat and then transfer the fat to your butt with special needles.  


Buttock implant styles

Besides coming in different sizes, buttock implants also come in different styles. There are four different styles of butt implants. The common styles are the round ones and the non-directional ones. Round implants are normally placed in the regular planes, which lets it add proper projection and fullness to the upper areas of the buttocks. Since it is non-directional, it does not get displaced.

The remaining two styles of implants are referred to as Style 1 and Style 2. These implants are differently shaped, directional, and need to be placed in particular planes and positions. They come in varying sizes and proportions. These implants deliver impressive results when placed over the gluteal muscle. But since placing the implants above the gluteal muscle entails more risks, majority of plastic surgeons avoid this implant placement option.

Over the past several years, buttock implants have seen a revolutionary improvement. Some years ago, butt implants were not properly shaped and were too firm or hard. The good news is that today’s butt implants are properly shaped, there are various size and style options, and are highly durable and deliver amazing results.


How to select the ideal implant size

The importance of choosing the right implant size is immense. If you choose the wrong implant size, you will not be able to achieve your desired goals and may even experience many risks. So, how can you be certain the implant size is right for you? Your plastic surgeon is the only person who can help you select a suitable butt implant size. You should invest your trust in your plastic surgeon and let him recommend you the best implant size. However, be sure to share your aesthetic goals with the surgeon and tell him how your flatter or smaller buttocks are affecting your life.

A board-certified plastic surgeon will always take certain measurements and examine your butt before recommending a suitable implant size. The surgeon will ask about your aesthetic goals and take a look at your butt cheeks. He will measure your height, consider your body outline, and take your weight into account. After doing all these assessments and calculations, the plastic surgeon will recommend a specific butt implant size.



Butt implants are artificial devices that are used to make the butt fuller and bigger. The implants are highly durable and immune to ruptures and leaks and are made of semi-solid silicone. Butt implants come in different sizes and shapes. The size of butt implants ranges from 200cc to 800cc. What size is best for you depends on many factors that have been explained above; however, the commonly used implant sizes range from 350cc to 600cc. If you want to know what implant size will be best for you, you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.


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