What is the most efficient buttock augmentation method?

What is the most efficient buttock augmentation method?

04th Apr 2019




An essential element of aesthetics, the buttocks are above all an important factor in maintaining our posture. Without a strong butt, we would not be able to stand up and walk. The buttocks are comprised mainly of three muscles, but also fat tissue and the skin envelope.


One of the most common procedures performed on the buttocks is fat transfer. This practice is not new, but in recent years, it has become more and more requested by patients who want to get an enhancement of their buttocks with minimal risks involved and results as natural as possible.


Nowadays, more and more women dream of having round and big buttocks, but it is not only women who resort to plastic surgery to get the buttocks of their dreams. However, the procedures performed on men are often different than the ones suitable for women when considering buttock augmentation.


In this article, we will discuss what the most efficient buttock augmentation method is and who can undergo this procedure.


Buttock augmentation methods offered by plastic surgery


It is only natural for people interested in enhancing the appearance of their buttocks and bodies to look for methods that are as less invasive as possible and provide results that look natural. Most people will resort to exercise and diet to increase the size of their rear end, but the reality is that diets can’t really help and physical exercises can only help you in a certain measure to increase the size of your buttocks, and it might take quite some time with results that are not sustainable once you stop exercising.


This is the reason why so many people resort to plastic surgery and its methods offered for butt augmentation. These methods are safe when performed in a hospital or accredited medical facility and by a board-certified plastic surgeon with plenty of experience in the field. The augmentation of the buttocks can be done using two techniques:


  1.    Butt implant surgery

These implants are placed inside or under the gluteal muscle so that they are not visible nor can they be felt when the area is touched. Not even the incisions made for placing the implants will be visible because they are positioned either inside the gluteal fold or under the buttocks, in the fold created where the butt meets the thighs.


This procedure is generally performed with the patient under general anesthesia and the hospitalization period is very short. The candidacy for the procedure will be assessed during the pre-operative consultation, and the patient will need to properly prepare for the procedure to ensure a high success rate and a minimal risk of developing complications.


Many would say that this is the most efficient buttock augmentation method because it can be performed even on patients who have little or no adipose tissue on other areas of the body, and the butt implants (when chosen correctly) will not be visible even when used on thin and petite patients. Of course, this means that you should ask and follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon to the letter especially when it comes to the size and shape of the gluteal implants as they should be chosen according to the characteristics of your body such as height, weight and current condition of the butt tissues.


Butt implant surgery is commonly performed on both men and women of different ages, and the main recommendation is to have completed physical development before undergoing the procedure to ensure long-lasting results.


It is also important to know that the results of butt implant surgery are permanent and not particularly affected by factors such as weight loss and gain as the implants will have the same volume no matter what.


Butt implant surgery can also be considered effective because it is easy for the plastic surgeon to estimate what the results of the procedure will be. In other words, the results are generally more predictable than compared to other buttock augmentation procedures that involves the use of the patient’s own fat tissue.


You should also know that the gluteal implants don’t need to be removed or replaced unless a complication occurs. Complications are rare after butt implant surgery; however, the patient should be aware of them and what behavior they need to adopt in case complications occur.


The recovery period after butt implant surgery is associated with a considerable level of discomfort, especially for patients who are used to sleeping on their back as this is not recommended for at least three weeks post-op. Sitting on the buttocks is also to be avoided so as not to put unnecessary pressure on the buttocks.


  1.    Lipofilling of the buttocks


This is the other procedure that can be used for buttock augmentation purposes. The procedure is also known as the Brazilian butt lift, fat transfer to the butt, or fat grafting to the buttocks. This is commonly known as the natural method of increasing the buttocks as it provides a natural look and feel of the buttocks by using just the patient’s own fat tissue for the augmentation.


Keep in mind that not everybody is a suitable candidate for the procedure. The first and most important condition to undergo lipofilling of the buttocks is to have an excess of adipose tissue on one or multiple areas of the body. This fat deposit will be addressed with liposuction to get the fat for the transfer. Generally speaking, we need at least 800 ml of fat to provide a visible increase of the buttocks, so this means you need to have a considerable amount of fat to be able to undergo the procedure. It is not uncommon for plastic surgeons to recommend patients to gain some weight before the procedure just to make sure there is enough fat for the transfer. At the same time, you should keep in mind that patients undergoing fat transfer should have a normal weight that was stable for at least six to eight months as the sustainability of the results depends on weight fluctuations.


The procedure involves the use of liposuction in areas with an excess of fat. This fat is then prepared for reinjection into the buttocks by going through a centrifugation process that needs to eliminate blood, other impurities, and damaged fat cells that can’t be used for the grafting. The fat is reinjected into the buttocks at different depths and in layers, including in the muscles. This ensures the survival of the majority of the fat cells grafted.


After the procedure, the results of the procedure are not final, as in the case of using butt implants. It takes up to three months for the final results of the procedure to occur, and during this time your buttocks will actually get smaller compared to how it was immediately after the fat augmentation was performed.


How is this even possible? Well, the reality is that in the first few months after the procedure, a certain amount of the fat cells inserted into the buttocks will fail to get a new blood network to get nutrition and they will die and be reabsorbed by the body. To ensure that a great percentage of the fat cells introduced in the body will survive the first few months post-op, the patient should follow a strict post-op protocol that includes not smoking and avoiding lying or sitting on the buttocks for at least three weeks after the procedure.


Some consider buttock augmentation with fat to be the most efficient method, despite the impossibility to deliver results as impressive as t butt implant surgery (in terms of projection) just because it delivers natural results that are sustainable as long as the patient avoids weight fluctuations.




When it comes to what is the most efficient buttock augmentation method, there is little debate about the topic. What we know for sure is that it is only the plastic surgery that can be used to deliver a safe and efficient augmentation as other methods won’t provide results that are sustainable in time or even noticeable in terms of projection and shape.


Butt implant surgery is considered the most efficient as it delivers results that are easier to estimate and they are permanent. Fat grafting is considered the most efficient by people who place a greater importance on the natural appearance of the results and the fact that it uses only natural substances (the patient’s own fat tissue). What you should keep in mind that what is efficient for one patient might not be for the other. This means that the most efficient buttock augmentation method for you will be recommended by the plastic surgeon only after performing a thorough examination on your body.  


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