Liposuction has a relatively good safety record compared to other surgical procedures in terms shutterstock_454795990of the possibility of infections, hemorrhage, blood clotting, and other risks. But, still,complications can occur, and you must not go in for the procedure without taking all precautionary measures.


The risks associated with the liposuction procedure itself are not significant. The serious risks of liposuction are those linked with the general anesthesia you get during the procedure. To minimize the risk of complications, you must discuss with your surgeon any medications you might be taking. It is also important to tell your surgeon exactly how long you have been taking those medications. This can considerably cut the risks associated with the administration of general anesthesia for liposuction.


There are some medications and over-the- counter drugs you must stop taking several weeks before undergoing liposuction. Your surgeon will discuss them with you in detail and provide you instructions on how to cut down or stop those medications. But you should make sure to tell your doctor about all forms of medications, including supplements, that you have been intermittently or frequently taking.


Your doctor will tell you exactly when you should stop taking medications. Most liposuction candidates are told to stop taking certain prescription medicines, over-the- counter drugs,supplements, and other medicinal products two to three weeks before the procedure. If not stopped, these medications can hamper the effects of anesthesia and other medications used during the surgery, triggering complications like blood clotting, extreme pain, or bleeding.

Below is a list of the most common medications you must stop taking before liposuction surgery:

1. Aspirin

2. Steroidal or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

3. Herbal medications


Aspirin in any form, including baby aspirin, should be stopped a week before liposuction. When you take aspirin, it makes your blood thin, which can slow the post-surgery healing process and result in excessive bleeding during the surgery. The same applies to the forms of ibuprofen, including Advil and Motrin: they can have negative effects on blood clotting and cause bleeding. Furthermore, anti-inflammatory drugs, especially those containing steroids, can seriously damage your immune system and platelet function. This can make you susceptible to infections.


Before you get the date for your liposuction surgery, make certain that your doctor is fully aware of your medical history, including the medications you’ve been taking. If you have been taking any recreational drugs, you should frankly and honestly discuss it with your surgeon. The more information you share about your medical history and medications with your doctor, the lesser the chances of complications during liposuction.



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