What not to do after a butt implant surgery

What not to do after a butt implant surgery

25th Jan 2018

Patients considering the buttock implant surgery often ask what activities they will have to stop doing during the recovery period. Since the procedure involves the placement of incisions on your butt and the insertion of artificial devices, you can expect to get some deep surgical trauma and injury to your muscles, tissue, nerves, and blood vessels.

In order for you to have a smooth and safe recovery after sustaining trauma, your plastic surgeon will provide you detailed instructions for recovery. You will be asked to avoid certain things during the recovery period. You may be able to resume work within the first week of your surgery; however, you will be required to be careful while sitting and walking.

After the procedure, you will have to be extra vigilant about your activities and any pressure that might set the incisions open or result in other complications and discomfort. You must discuss with your doctor as to what activities and things you should avoid and for how long. There are certain activities you will be required to stop during the initial days and resume gradually afterward, whereas there are others you will be required to avoid for as long as 2-3 months.

Don’t throw away the compression garments

You plastic surgeon may recommend you to wear compression garments after the surgery for a few days or weeks. Many patients take this instruction for granted and throw away the garments after getting home from the hospital. It is very important to wear your compression garments for the recommended period, because they will keep your butt implants in place while your incisions heal. The compression garments help avert potential complications and risks apart from helping you heal faster and better. The good news is that you will feel less pain and discomfort after the surgery if you wear the compression garments. Even better, they can help contain the extent of post-operative inflammation.

Sitting for long periods

Since your buttocks are still healing and recovering from the surgical trauma, you must not sit for extended periods of time. Your surgeon will advise you to completely avoid sitting for the first three weeks after the surgery. After that, you may sit directly on your butt, but not for too long.

Sitting for a longer period on your butt during recovery can damage the implants and may set open the incisions. When you avoid sitting on your butt during the healing period, the results can improve and serve you for a longer period. Even when you finally start to sit, you should place a cushion under your butt.

High endurance activities

Engaging in high-intensity exercise is a clear no-no for the first two months after the procedure. While your doctor will encourage you to stand up and take slow and short walks immediately after the surgery to help avoid blood clotting, doing high endurance activities can create complications.

You can do light and moderate exercises 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery. Exercises like weight lifting, running, jumping etc. should be avoided for at least two months. After your body has fully healed and the inflammation has completely disappeared, you may resume your complete exercise routine.

Doing high endurance activities during the recovery period can be highly risky. It may lead to seroma or hematoma that trigger additional health complications like infections. Furthermore, it can be very painful and discomforting. Instead, you should make sure to take a lot of rest, because resting helps your surgical wounds heal faster and better.

Sleeping on your back

One of the most uncomfortable things patients are required to do after the butt implant surgery is to avoid sleeping on their back. You will be advised to sleep on your front during the first 2-3 weeks after the surgery, because sleeping on your back will exert pressure on your butt, which can damage the implants and incisions. You should sleep on your front or side instead.


You will not be allowed to drive for the first 2-3 weeks after getting buttock implants. You must make sure to have someone to drive you home from the hospital after the surgery. Also, make sure to have someone at home to drive you to the hospital for any follow-up consultations during the first 2-3 weeks of your surgery. You may resume driving after three weeks; however, if you are using medicines, you should not avoid driving while taking them.

Postoperative care and results

The more you care for yourself after surgery, the better and more sustainable will be the results. Being careless during the recovery period will not only bring health complications, but it will also negatively affect your aesthetic results and the life expectancy of the outcomes achieved. It is therefore important to take greater care of yourself and your new butt during the first few months.


The buttock implant is a major surgery involving the placement of incisions and insertion of implants, which can leave behind severe surgical trauma. There are many activities you will be required to avoid or limit during the recovery period completely. These activities have been explained above in detail; however, you must ask your doctor during the initial consultation as to what activities you’ll be required to avoid after the surgery and for how long. Remember, your post-surgical care is directly linked to the quality and life of the achieved aesthetics of your butt and your health.

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