What not to do after butt implant surgery

What not to do after butt implant surgery

13th Aug 2021

For people interested in getting bigger, rounder, perkier buttocks, there is no other solution aside from plastic surgery. Nowadays there are different methods available that target the improvement of the buttocks. We have butt lift surgery, butt reduction surgery, and butt augmentation performed either with fat transfer or gluteal implants. 

Butt implant surgery is in the top ten most performed plastic surgery procedures in the United States as the interest in the procedure has increased exponentially over the last years. Gluteal implants are safe and can be kept inside the buttocks permanently. The procedure is pretty straightforward and boasts a high success rate.

However, just like any other procedure, it is important for the patient to keep a strict post-operative protocol and never do certain things such as:

–    Smoke

If the patient smokes, the plastic surgeon might refuse to perform the procedure as the complications can increase tenfold. There are numerous studies showing this without any reasonable doubt. Moreover, healing can be significantly delayed when the patient is smoking, and considering the location of the incision this could be very dangerous. Patients who smoke also have an increased risk of developing an infection due to a weak immune system, and this is something we need to avoid at all costs. Smoking should be ceased three to six weeks before the procedure and the patient should remain a non-smoker for at least the same amount of time afterwards. 

–    Lie on the back or sit on the buttocks

One of the most difficult things that patients must do after undergoing butt implant surgery is to avoid sleeping or lying on the back, as well as sitting directly on the buttocks. This recommendation is for the first three weeks post-op until the incisions heal and fully close. Applying pressure on the buttocks too early in the recovery process can lead to incision opening and also the shifting of the implants in their pockets. Other complications are possible if this recommendation is not followed to the letter, so patients need to make sure that they avoid sitting or lying on the buttocks at all times. 

–    Perform physically demanding activities

Just like lying on the back or sitting on the buttocks, too much pressure can be detrimental after undergoing butt implant surgery. This is why the plastic surgeon will tell you about the importance of avoiding physically demanding activities in the first four to six weeks after the surgery 

–    Have hot baths

While proper hygiene is mandatory and a key to having a smooth and fast recovery period, patients are advised to avoid hot baths for at least a few weeks after the procedure. The medical staff will explain how to take showers without getting the dressings wet and how to clean the incisions.

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