What not to do after butt implant surgery

What not to do after butt implant surgery

04th Jul 2019


Butt implant surgery is a complex procedure that should only be performed on patients fully aware of the consequences and willing to accept that the recovery process might be more uncomfortable compared to undergoing other plastic surgery procedures, mostly because the patient is not allowed to sit directly on the butt and rest on the back for at least three weeks post-op.

The plastic surgeon will give you a list of what not to do after butt implant surgery even during the initial meeting to know exactly what is expected of you post-op.

–    Don’t miss the appointments for the follow-up consultations with the plastic surgeon

There are people undergoing plastic surgery that strongly believe that the relationship with the plastic surgeon is over after the patient is discharged from the medical facility. This is not true, and I always advise my patients to do their best to show up to the follow-up consultations with the plastic surgeon. The first follow-up is in the first week post-op and the next one in the first month. These are probably the most important consultations after the procedure as they allow the plastic surgeon to notice if the recovery process is going smoothly or if complications have occurred. Moreover, the plastic surgeon will also assess how the cicatrization process is going and give you instructions for a fast recovery process. 

After these two consultations that take place in the first month post-op, there are others that the patient is advised to attend. Most plastic surgeons would ask to see the patient three, six and twelve months after the procedure as in the case of butt implant surgery, it can take up to one year to be able to evaluate the results of the procedure fully.

–    Don’t smoke

Smoking is bad for you in general, but it is exceptionally bad for you when it happens after surgery. It is important to avoid smoking for at least three to six weeks until the tissues are healed and the incisions fully closed, otherwise there is an increased risk of infection and necrosis. Smoking after the procedure is strongly forbidden, so make sure you can do this before scheduling your surgery.

–    Don’t over exercise

After undergoing plastic surgery, some patients feel the need to start exercising as soon as possible to look better or so not to lose their fitness level. But in the case of butt implant surgery, as well as many other procedures, the recommendation is to avoid intense physical exercises for at least a month or two or until you have the consent of the plastic surgeon. Performing strenuous exercises or activities before your body is healed can be dangerous for your well-being and could also affect the results as the implants might shift or the incisions might rupture.

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