What size to choose for the butt implants

What size to choose for the butt implants

28th May 2017

What size to choose for the butt implants


Buttock augmentation with implants ranks as one of the most popular and fastest growing procedures in the United States. The trend, which began a few years back, continues to grow. It is not surprising that incredible strides have been taken, and the good news is that as plastic surgery procedures grow in popularity, there is also a rise in numerous studies, development of new techniques and even regulations to make it safer and set standards of quality.

One of the most important considerations when deciding to go for buttock augmentation with implants is choosing the right implant size. Butt implants come in different sizes, and it is crucial to choose the size that best suits your buttock dimensions and overall figure. Overly large implants can create many complications, so it is best that you ask your plastic surgeon to recommend the implant size that best suits your anatomy.

Why is the ideal implant size important?

To a large extent, the success of your buttock augmentation surgery depends on the size of implants. Each patient is endowed with a different anatomy, specific aesthetic goals and desires, particular buttock size, shape and dimension. This means that a free size of implant will not be applicable to all patients.

Choosing the wrong implant size will not only mean disappointing aesthetic results and unnatural look, but it can also very well lead to preventable health complications like implant displacement and rotation, incision breakdown, wound opening, implant palpability and exposure, susceptibility to infections, seroma, and pain and discomfort while sitting. The largest butt implant measures 690 cc. It goes without saying that even larger implants can be manufactured on custom orders.

It must be pointed out that butt implants behave differently than breast implants. Butt implants are mostly placed within the gluteal muscle that is not so elastic and malleable. Most women have buttock composition and gluteal muscle dimensions that can only accommodate implants of 500 cc or below. Placing a buttock implant that is larger than 500 cc will only increase the risks for the patient and deliver poor aesthetic outcomes.

It is thus very important to choose an implant size that fits your gluteal muscle composition, buttock dimensions, overall figure and other measurements your plastic surgeon may carry out.

How to select the ideal implant size

When it comes to adding projection to your buttocks using implants, selecting the right size is the key to better results and lesser risks. But how do you know what implant size is right for you? Well, it is pretty straightforward! Your plastic surgeon can help you choose the suitable implant so be sure to ask him or her to recommend you a good implant size.

The plastic surgeon will evaluate and take your measurements, specifically the dimension of the buttocks’ cheeks and compare with your aesthetic goals to be able to assess best fit. The experienced surgeon will also measure your height and take your overall figure and anatomy into consideration. After that, the surgeon will recommend an implant size that would not only ensure optimal aesthetic results for you, but will also deliver the appropriate three-dimensional aesthetic improvement so that they can appear as natural as possible.

Considering the patient’s anatomical dimensions is the key to choosing the best implant size. The only way you can make this certain is by asking your plastic surgeon for a recommendation. An experienced, skilled, and Board-Certified plastic surgeon will not only take your goals into account, but will also take measurements to ensure you get the best results and have a safe recovery.

A good plastic surgeon will also consider your existing and your desired waist to hip ratio before recommending an implant. It is very important to make sure that your new buttocks compliment your waist size. An inexperienced surgeon or unlicensed practitioner will not take measurements and evaluate your goals. He or she will simply use even extra large implants simply to fulfill your desires. As a result, you will most likely face life-threatening complications down the road.

Remember, bigger is not always better. A smaller or medium sized implant is always considered better than large implants because it delivers natural and better aesthetic results. An overly large implant will do more harm than good, prejudicial to your anatomy and can trigger major health complications. This is the reason why many experienced plastic surgeons advise their patients to avoid getting an implant that is too big for their frame and anatomy.

Your personal comfort is also crucial in selecting a particular implant size and shape. After all, you will be carrying those implants in your behind. You must ask your doctor to recommend an implant that is comfortable for you in terms of volume, size and weight. A good surgeon will also give you sizes to try and from there, select an ideal implant.

Do not hanker for the very large booties of celebrities. In truth, they are risking their lives for their career. They need to stay in the limelight, so some go to the extreme to try illegal, dangerous fillers like liquid silicone injections and hydrogel. Once inside your butts, these prohibited substances can easily travel to other parts of your body, including your heart, lungs and brain. Dozens of women have already died using these fillers while hundreds of others have become permanently disabled.

In comparison, silicone butt implants are FDA approved, which makes them completely safe for use. They are made of semi-solid silicone material that cannot travel to other parts of your body. In rare cases, they may rotate and get displaced but it will not lead to any life-threatening complications.


Buttock implants are very effective in increasing the size of the butts. However, you must make sure that the implants are suitable for you. The size of the implants plays a critical role in defining your aesthetic appearance. Selecting the wrong implant size will not only result in unnatural buttocks, but can also trigger serious health complications that may even require implant removal or replacement. You can select an ideally sized implant by asking your plastic surgeon for a recommendation. The surgeon will take measurements of your buttocks, evaluate your butt cheeks and overall anatomy, and then recommend an implant size that is best for you. However, you must make sure that your plastic surgeon is Board-Certified with extensive training and experience in buttock augmentation.

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