What to ask your surgeon before butt implants surgery

What to ask your surgeon before butt implants surgery

05th Apr 2017

Before you have yourself scheduled for a butt implant surgery, there are some questions you should ask your surgeon first. Asking questions helps make sure you really know what you are getting yourself into. It also helps you to decide whether you should go for the procedure with that surgeon or find another one whom you are more comfortable with.

The first questions that come to mind may be the credentials of the surgeon. Even if you don’t ask these questions, you can get your answer because most of the credentials are posted on a wall somewhere in their clinic. This can also be easily answered by doing your research.

A better question to ask is about the surgeon’s experience with regard to performing butt implant surgery. Cosmetic surgeons can do different cosmetic surgeries, but because you want to have a butt implant surgery, you should focus your question on the kind of surgery you are interested in. Make sure the surgeon does butt implant surgery regularly because it is one of the most difficult cosmetic surgeries today.

Another question you may want to ask is if you can talk to someone who just had a butt implant surgery under their care. It is possible they have someone going for a follow-up check-up or they can give you another patient’s number with consent. Seeing the before and after pictures isn’t the same as talking to someone who just experienced the surgery. You get to see what is in between the before and after pictures through this.

It is also a good idea to ask the surgeon about the complications that his or her previous patients had developed. Do the patients mostly develop an infection or do many of them have their implants shifting? Knowing these will give you a clearer picture on how your surgeon performs the procedure. If an infection is common, you ought to find another surgeon who works in a more sterile environment or conditions.

After the surgeon is cleared, you still need to ask about the facility where the surgery is going to take place. Know whether it is accredited, licensed or certified. If it is, then it lessens your risk of developing infections due to the unsterile environment.

Next is to ask about yourself, whether you are a good candidate for the procedure, what results you should expect, the surgical technique the surgeon uses on you as well as what procedures are recommended to achieve your goal. The surgeons will assess you during the initial consultation, and they will clearly tell you what they will do to your buttocks to achieve your goal.

You should also ask about the procedure itself, recovery from the procedure, the risk involved, and how they handle complications. This helps you know how they care for their patients even after the procedure is already done. It helps you determine whether they are still there for you during your recovery or if they just let you recover on your own.

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