What to avoid after breast implant surgery

What to avoid after breast implant surgery

07th Oct 2018

Your recovery process after a cosmetic surgery is essential. The way you handle it can determine the period till your full recovery or future complications. Depending on the surgery, your recovery period can sometimes take up to six months. During this period, your body will adapt to your new implants, will rebuild damaged tissue, deal with swelling, inflammation, and so on.

There are some general rules that apply to any cosmetic surgery recovery period. Some of these rules include avoidance of smoking, high-intensity fitness activities, or any medicine that can interact with wound healing. As these are standard rules and apply basically to all cosmetic surgeries, we can highlight some things that need to be avoided for every specific surgery.

Breast augmentation

Even if your augmentation involves breast implants or not, your breast area will be highly sensitive during recovery. Avoid any wired bras during this period. Any pressure on the breasts can slow down wound healing. Especially if you have implants, wear a compressive bra or a sports bra. A recovery period for breast augmentation can take up to two months.

Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck procedures will always require a longer recovery period than any other cosmetic surgery. Extended tummy tucks or full tummy tucks will sometimes require up to four months of recovery. In some cases, when the patient will develop hematomas or skin necrosis, the recovery process can take up to six months. During the recovery period, avoid swimming or any other exercise that involves the use of abdominal muscles. Also, avoid any type of food that can cause weight gain as much as possible.

Butt implants or Brazilian butt lift

The recovery period after a butt augmentation can always be difficult if your work involves sitting most of the time. During this recovery period, it is better if you can take a holiday. Speak with your manager beforehand and set up a way in which you can deal with both your job and your recovery period. It can sometimes take up to eight weeks for your wounds to heal properly. However, if you are using a fat transfer procedure instead of implants, your recovery period will not be such a hassle. Usually, a fat transfer augmentation will require small incisions and less time for your body to recover. As you are using your own fat, your body will not have any problem rejecting it.

Depending on the surgery type, however, your surgeon will tell you exactly what steps to follow and how you can manage your recovery period. Your lifestyle or some damaging habits like cigarettes can slow down your recovery period. Try to see your recovery process as a new start and get rid of everything that is bad for your health. If you considered a cosmetic surgery due to weight problems, change your diet and exercise more. Overall, avoid anything unhealthy and what got you there in the first place.

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