What to avoid before the mastopexy

What to avoid before the mastopexy

24th Feb 2019

Mastopexy is a complex and delicate procedure performed on the breasts to improve their appearance and elevate their position higher on the chest. The breast lift should be performed only by a board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility for the well-being and comfort of the patient. The procedure requires a period of preparation before it is performed along with a recovery period.

The preparation period before mastopexy surgery takes about a month. During this time, there are things that you should avoid, such as:

– Smoking

This recommendation is valid when it comes to any type of surgery. The patient should avoid smoking for at least three weeks before the procedure, preferably more. The patient should remain a non-smoker for at least the same amount of time after the procedure. Smoking triggers different health complications, and most smokers are aware of them, but when it comes to plastic surgery, smoking can cause delayed wound healing, skin and fat tissue necrosis, the opening of the incisions as well as vicious cicatrization of the surgical incisions. Considering the fact that the incisions for mastopexy are quite significant and positioned on the breasts, you should avoid smoking at all costs so as not to be left with visible, bad looking scars after the procedure.

– Anti-inflammatory medication

This is mostly medication that contains aspirin. This type of medication should be avoided for two weeks before the surgery because it can cause excessive bleeding during the procedure or during the recovery period. If you fail to follow this recommendation, make sure to tell this to the plastic surgeon as your surgery might get delayed.

– Natural supplements

When it comes to natural supplements, they might seem inoffensive when it comes to negative side effects; however, just like normal medication, they can trigger excessive bleeding during surgery and should be avoided for two weeks before the procedure. Make sure to check with the plastic surgeon if you have taken a natural supplement and didn’t know if you were allowed to or not before undergoing mastopexy.

– Birth control pills

Considering the fact that the recommendation is not to get pregnant for at least one or two years after the breast lift, birth control is very important. However, birth control pills should be avoided a month before the procedure as they might trigger the formation of blood clots, and this is a serious complication that can be fatal for the patient undergoing a breast lift.

– Strict diets

Strict diets are to be avoided before any type of surgery, especially the breast lift as they can interfere with the healing process and prolong it unnecessarily. Strict diets often lack the necessary amount of calories and nutrients that are needed by the body to recover from plastic surgery.

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