What to be aware of before undergoing fat transfer to the breasts

What to be aware of before undergoing fat transfer to the breasts

07th Apr 2020

What to be aware of before undergoing fat transfer to the breasts


Fat transfer to the breasts is a procedure preferred by women who want a moderate improvement in the size of their breasts and also to get rid of fat from other areas of the body where they are confronted with an excess of adipose tissue. The procedure can deliver satisfactory results for patients who have unwanted fat deposits on the midline, thighs or back and want to get rid of it while also enhancing the appearance of their breasts. 

While the procedure is rather popular nowadays, there are certain things that not everybody knows. Here are some facts you need to be aware of before undergoing a fat transfer to the breasts:


–    The augmentation achieved is not similar to the one achieved with implants

Many patients are happy to find about the breast lipofilling procedure and the fact that it entails minimal scarring and has fewer side effects compared to using implants, but they should also know that the results achieved with fat grafting are not similar to the ones achieved when implants are used.

The reality is that the breast lipofilling procedure is not a substitute for implants. The augmentation achieved with fat grafting is less visible compared to when using implants. This means that when we use implants, we can go up by 2 bra cup sizes and even more in some cases. This is not possible when using fat transfer. 

When we graft fat into the breasts, injecting too much can lead to granulomas and the death of the fat cells. This is the reason why the plastic surgeon will be careful to inject small quantities and in different areas of the body. The breasts will look fuller and perkier, but not like breasts with implants. The augmentation achieved with breast lipofilling is half a bra cup to a bra cup. However, the procedure is a great method to redistribute fat that is affecting other areas of the body to get a nice, very natural appearance of the breasts. 


–    The immediate results of the procedure are dependent on the patient’s behavior in the first month post-op

There are strict instructions that patients need to follow during the first few weeks post-op to ensure satisfactory results are achieved. Among them are not smoking and not applying pressure on the breasts, so sleeping on the tummy should be avoided.

–    To sustain the results for longer, the patient needs to keep a constant weight


Sustaining the results of fat transfer is again dependent on the patient. The patient is advised to keep a constant weight after the procedure and to avoid weight fluctuations. Otherwise, the results might be altered.


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