What to be aware of when choosing a plastic surgeon

What to be aware of when choosing a plastic surgeon

26th Jun 2019

What to be aware of when choosing a plastic surgeon


Choosing a good plastic surgeon to play out your procedure is probably the most important decision that you will make by yourself. All other decisions related to plastic surgery will be made together with the plastic surgeon after getting his recommendations. This means that this is an important step when you have no one to rely on but yourself. It might be tempting to go to the same plastic surgeon as your friend or co-worker, but this is not necessarily the wisest thing you can do. To get the best results possible after your procedure and to minimize the risks associated with it, you should find the best plastic surgeon for the specific procedure you are interested in. Here are some things to be aware of when choosing a plastic surgeon:


  1.   Certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Many patients are not aware of the importance of being a board-certified plastic surgeon. This certification is awarded after the surgeon spent many hours in the surgery room and after numerous tests. The certification is a proof of the knowledge of the plastic surgeon, both in theory and practice. A board-certified plastic surgeon has to be up-to-date with the most modern techniques and materials and has enough experience to be able to guide you through the journey of improving your physical appearance with the help of plastic surgery. If the plastic surgeon you have chosen is not board-certified, maybe you should ask why and perhaps look for someone else. 


  1.   Cost of the procedure

Plastic surgery is widely available nowadays and more affordable than ever. However, plastic surgery is still surgery, so it can’t be performed using coupons or with huge discounts. If this is the case and your plastic surgeon has rates that are considerably lower than the market average, chances are something is not right. The cost of the procedure also includes the materials used, hospitalization fee, anesthesia and other costs, aside from the plastic surgeon’s fee. This means that even if the plastic surgeon has a smaller fee, the cost of the procedure still shouldn’t be much reduced if good materials are being used and the procedure is performed in an accredited medical facility.


  1.   Attitude towards the patient

If your plastic surgeon is spending too much time during the pre-operative consultation to “sell” to you a certain procedure, type of implants, or whatever, chances are you might be better in the hands of someone else. Also be aware of surgeons who let other members of their staff conduct the pre-operative consultation. This is an important meeting during which you need to have contact with the plastic surgeon and discuss all the details of the procedure. If he can’t spare the time to see you for the pre-operative consultation, maybe you shouldn’t go forward with him. 

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