What to bring with you if you are traveling to get a buttock augmentation?

What to bring with you if you are traveling to get a buttock augmentation?

10th Apr 2018


Many patients travel from one state to another or even abroad to have buttock augmentation surgery. There are several factors that are causing this trend to increase over time. Some patients prefer to have their surgeries perform in another state or country to receive better treatment or care, whereas others do so in order to reduce their costs.

No matter why you are traveling to get a buttock augmentation in another state or country, there are a number of things you should take into account. One of the important facets of traveling to get a butt augmentation is the making sure all the necessary things are packed for you to take along when going for the surgery. Before traveling, be sure to contact the surgeon or facility staff and ask what necessary things you should bring along.


Things to take when traveling to get butt augmentation

Some hospitals and surgical facilities do provide most of the things necessary for your recovery; however, this can differ from facility to facility. There are also many facilities that do not provide you the things you may need during the recovery period. When you are traveling to get a butt augmentation, you would most probably live in a hotel or a facility designated by the hospital or surgical facility.

You should take along all things necessary for a safe and proper recovery. After the procedure, you would not be able to go shopping for a few weeks, which is why you should buy all things in advance of the surgery. Sometimes, basic stuff like shampoos and shower gels are given by the facility; however, you should call them to confirm it first. Below are the important things you should take with you if you are traveling to get a butt augmentation. However, make sure not to take any valuable stuff like jewelry.

Travel documents: If you are traveling abroad for a butt augmentation surgery, you should make sure not to forget your passport, visa, and driver’s license at home. Furthermore, you should take your airline ticket before leaving home. Without these documents, you would not be able to travel. Also, keep these documents safe because if they get lost, you’ll find yourself in trouble.

A companion: You will need assistance at every step after the buttock augmentation surgery, at least for the first week. Also, you may feel loneliness and emotionally loaded times during the recovery. If you have a companion with you, much of our difficulties and emotional pain would be decreased. A companion would not only help you physically during the recovery period and take care of you but also give you a good company. Furthermore, a companion can be a great resource when traveling back home after the surgery.

Health records: Be sure to pack your health records. This includes the medical tests reports you may have like MRI, X-Ray, and blood tests. It is also important to take along your medical summary, so your doctor can use them in the event of any complication. Records of any prescription medications you may be taking should also be taken along.

Special, comfortable clothes: When going for the buttock augmentation, you would need to wear comfortable and loose clothes. You should take along some loose clothing to wear. After the surgery, you would be required to wear compression garments. Make sure to call your surgeon and ask your surgeon whether the facility would provide compression garments. If they don’t provide it, you should take it along; however, you must ask your surgeon what type of compression garments would be required.

You should have comfortable, loose shirts and clothing to wear after the procedure because tight clothes would be uncomfortable for you.

Sufficient cash: When traveling to get a butt augmentation, you should have enough cash with you. Also, if you find out that the place you are going accepts credit cards, you may redeposit the cash into your account.

Baby wipes: After the surgery, you might not be allowed to take a shower for several days. To keep your body wet and clean during this time, you should have baby wipes. So, make sure to take along a large pack of high-quality baby wipes.

Drinking straws: After the surgery, you will need to avoid movements. You will be resting in bed most of the time, which means you may find it uncomfortable reaching out for drinks without sitting up. This is the reason patients are suggested to take drinking straws with them.

Recovery foods, vitamins, and minerals: If your doctor recommends you to eat certain foods and take vitamins and mineral supplements after the surgery, you should take them with you. You should first call your doctor to confirm what vitamins, foods, and supplements would be required. There are a number of foods that would speed up the healing process, such as nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

Packed meals: In many cases, surgical facilities and hospitals have special partnerships with hotels to provide accommodation to patients traveling for surgeries. In most cases, these hotels offer special, customized packages to the cosmetic surgery patients. However, you should call your doctor to confirm this. If they don’t offer this facility or if the hotel doesn’t offer special meals for patients, you should take along packed meals. Light, spice-less meals are recommended for patients undergoing buttock augmentation. The meals should be enough to last for at least two weeks post-surgery.

Bottled water: After buttock augmentation, you would be required to drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated, get rid of the toxins, and heal properly. You should have enough bottled water to last for at least two weeks. You can also buy it in the state or country you are traveling to, but don’t forget to have it on your list.

Post-surgery care & scar treatment: After the butt augmentation procedure, your body would be traumatized. The incisions will gradually turn into scars. In order to personally care for your health after the surgery and keep the scars at a minimum, you should make sure to take along saline solution and alcohol to clean the incision during the initial days after the surgery. While the hospital may provide you iodine for post-surgery use, you should ask your surgeon whether to bring it along.

Large swabs and cotton pads will also be required to apply the solutions to the wound. You should take along enough of them. Furthermore, to contain the scars, you may be told to use silicone gel strips. They help the wounds heal properly and quickly, preventing unwelcoming scars. Also, you may be told to apply bio oil on the scars several weeks after the surgery. You should take along at least one bottle of bio oil.

Ice packs: You would need enough ice packs after the procedure to contain the post-surgery swelling. You should buy the ice packs and store them in a refrigerator for use after the surgery. However, you should ask for your surgeon’s advice before applying the ice packs.

Stool softener: After the butt augmentation surgery, you will be spending most of your time in the house for at least two weeks. During this period, your body will be subject to an increased risk of constipation. In order to avoid constipation, you can take a stool softener. However, you should use it only when needed and after consulting with your surgeon.

Lip balm: You may suffer from dry and cracked lips after the surgery. To counter this, you should take along a lip balm.

Comfortable pillows: After the surgery, you would need many comfortable pillows to support you. You would be required to rest and sleep on your front and side. You should make sure the place you plan to stay in during the recovery period can provide you the extra pillows. If they can’t, you should take them along.

Other items: There are a number of other items you shall take along if you deem them necessary. These items include the following:

  • Contact information for family or the person to contact in case of emergency
  • International calling cards
  • Mobile phone
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Laptop or tablet with charger
  • Books and magazines you may want to read during the recovery
  • Travel power converter
  • Socks
  • Flip-flops
  • Travel blanket
  • Any medicines recommended by your doctor
  • Deodorant
  • Face and hand moisturizers
  • Towels
  • Your makeup kit, if necessary
  • Ear buds and cotton pads
  • Hairpins, bands, or clips
  • Comb
  • Dressing gowns



Traveling to get a buttock augmentation can be a daunting task. To heal properly and safely, you should make sure to take with you all the necessary things. This item mentioned above are the basic and most important things you should take along. You should contact your hospital/surgical clinic to ask what things you would need and what items they will provide for the recovery. Anything that is necessary and the clinic is not providing it should be taken along.


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