What to do after breast implant rupture

What to do after breast implant rupture

20th Apr 2019


Many patients who are interested in undergoing breast augmentation don’t know all the details about breast implants. Before anything else and certainly before scheduling your surgery, you should know that breast implants are to be used only for a limited amount of time. Unlike gluteal implants, breast implants have a warranty of no longer than ten to fifteen years. This doesn’t mean that the second the warranty expires you need to remove and replace the breast implants, but since they will no longer be covered by the warranty, the patient should be more careful and check for signs that would make the removal and replacement necessary.


Even for breast implants that are still covered by warranty, there are cases in which they need to be removed and replaced. Often this happens when a complication occurs. One of the complications that would determine the need to remove and replace the implants is deep tissue infection that is resistant to treatment. When this happens, the infection is not on the surgical incisions but in the pocket where the implants are inserted. If it doesn’t subside under antibiotics, the plastic surgeon needs to remove the implants.


Another case in which the implants need to be removed and replaced is implant rupture. Many patients don’t know if this happens and don’t know what to do after breast implant rupture.


When the rupture occurs in the case of implants filled with saline solution, things are pretty clear. The patient will notice within days that something is wrong as the saline solution will be absorbed by the body. This means that the breast will look empty and deflated as the only thing left inside will be the empty silicone shell of the implant. When this happens, there is no way for the patient not to notice it. What you should know is that saline solution implant rupture is not dangerous for the body, but considering the aesthetic differences, most patients will schedule a revision procedure immediately. During the revision procedure, the plastic surgeon will remove the empty silicone shell of the implant that ruptured and will insert a new implant.


If the rupture occurs for silicone implants, things might be more complicated. Before anything else, you should know that it is not immediately obvious that the implant has ruptured, especially if you have a newer generation of implants that are made of a highly cohesive gel. This means that the gel will stay close to the shell of the implant and can only be seen when the patient gets an MRI or a mammogram. Keep in mind that imagistic tests are mandatory at regular intervals after getting breast implants just to check their condition and the condition of the tissues of the breasts. If the silicone breast implant has ruptured, you should get in contact with the plastic surgeon for him to schedule a procedure during which he will remove and replace one or both implants.


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