What to do after butt implant surgery

What to do after butt implant surgery

18th Dec 2019


Butt implant surgery is very much in demand nowadays as it can provide results that no other method can. With the use of implants, we can achieve a considerable augmentation of the buttocks in a matter of just a few hours. However, a complete recovery period is required, and it is important to keep in mind that it can take up to six months or more before the final results transpire. The recovery period is often no longer than a few weeks, during which the patient will be confronted with the side effects that normally occur after this procedure. 

Patients are often very excited to get implants to achieve the buttocks of their dreams. Most patients know how important it is to choose a talented, experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon; however, not all of them understand that the post-operative behavior of the patient is just as important to achieving spectacular results. So, what should one do after butt implant surgery?

First and foremost, it is crucial not to sit or lie on the buttocks for a minimum of three weeks post-op. This is an instruction that your plastic surgeon will insist on as it can significantly impact the results of your surgery. Depending on your ability to follow this recommendation, you will be able to get amazing results and avoid potential complications. If you sit on your buttocks before the end of three weeks, complications can occur. Among these complications are the shifting of the implants and opening of the incisions, among others. Even after the initial three weeks, patients are advised to sit with a pillow under the hamstring muscle to avoid direct pressure on the buttocks and sleep on their tummies for as long as possible.

To ensure you have a quick and smooth recovery, the recommendation is to get off the bed and walk around the room as soon as possible after getting home from the surgery. This is especially important as it can also help you avoid a dangerous complication called deep vein thrombosis. Taking the analgesic medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon according to his recommendation will help you avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort that can make moving around uncomfortable. 

Due to the location of the incisions, butt implant surgery is a procedure with a high risk for developing a post-op infection. This is the reason why the plastic surgeon will recommend antibiotics for five days post-op and also proper hygiene of the operated area. Keep the incision site clean and dry at all times and follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon to the letter when it comes to caring for the surgical wounds. 

Another important thing you need to do is to attend the follow-up consultations that will allow the plastic surgeon to monitor your recovery and detect potential early complications. 

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