What to do before scheduling a breast lift

What to do before scheduling a breast lift

18th Nov 2019


The breast lift is the procedure performed on women with saggy breasts that hang low on the chest wall. The procedure entails the removal of the excess skin tissue from the breasts and the recentering of the glandular tissue to make the breasts perky and elevated. This procedure is often performed together with implants on patients who want to get an augmentation of the breasts, aside from the lifting effect that is achieved with the procedure.

Because the breast lift is a complex and invasive plastic surgery with serious consequences on the body and also the general physical appearance of the patient, there are certain things that the patient should do before undergoing the procedure, such as:


–    Make sure you have a strong motivation to undergo the procedure

When the breast lift is performed, the plastic surgeon will perform incisions to eliminate the excess skin and also elevate the glandular tissue and center it. This means that the procedure will leave behind marks from the incisions required. Like any other surgical procedure, there are risks that can impact the well-being of the patient and the aesthetic results aimed to be achieved. It is important for patients to make sure they have a strong motivation to undergo the procedure before scheduling it. Having strong reasons for undergoing a breast lift will help you reduce the preoperative anxiety and also the post-operative stress. 

–    Make sure to find the right plastic surgeon

Choosing the right plastic surgeon to play out your breast lift is probably the most important decision you will need to make. Before scheduling, you need to make sure you find the right plastic surgeon and that you can openly and honestly communicate with him. It is important to be able to trust your plastic surgeon as you will be required to follow his recommendations to the letter to achieve satisfactory results. The plastic surgeon should be board-certified, talented and experienced and also well-versed in breast enhancement procedures. Preferably he should perform procedures like the one you are interested in routinely. 

–    Make sure you are ready to face potential complications

There are risks and complications that can occur after the breast lift. Among them are infection, excessive bleeding, delayed wound healing, and even skin necrosis. These complications can be reduced by taking the advice of the plastic surgeon for pre- and post-operative care and adopting the right attitude during the recovery period. Moreover, it is important to know what to do in case complications occur before scheduling your breast lift. A patient who knows exactly what to expect is a patient ready to undergo the procedure.

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