What to do during the consultation for a breast lift

What to do during the consultation for a breast lift

23rd Mar 2019



Mastopexy, commonly known as breast lift, is a procedure for women who have lost the youthful appearance of their breasts or who have always had saggy breasts due to genetics or a large breast volume.

Multiple pregnancies, breastfeeding, considerable weight fluctuations, hormonal changes that occur in different stages of a woman’s life, and even the natural passing of time determines the loss of skin elasticity, mammary atrophy, and the deterioration of the ligaments that support the breasts in an elevated position on the chest wall. As a result of these factors, mammary ptosis occurs. The patient will notice excess skin, the areolas are facing down and are positioned on the lower pole of the breasts, most of the breast volume is under the inframammary fold, and the upper pole of the breasts looks empty. There can also be cases in which the breasts don’t lose volume or have always had a considerable volume, but with the changes in the position on the areolas and because of the saggy skin, the breasts lose their beautiful shape.

The first step towards regaining the beautiful appearance of the breasts is a consultation with the plastic surgeon. In this article, we will discuss what to do during the consultation for the breast lift and how to choose the plastic surgeon for the procedure.


Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your breast lift

To make the best decision, you should have a consultation with a plastic surgeon who will explain the surgical method for your particular case and make recommendations to help you achieve your goals. It is important to understand that not all breasts are the same, patients are different, and so are the results that can be achieved after undergoing plastic surgery to elevate the breasts. An experienced plastic surgeon has the ability to listen to the patient and understand the requirements. Moreover, he should make things clear for the patient before scheduling the procedure as there are important things the patient should be aware of.

For example, it is worth mentioning that the breasts might look smaller after the breast lift. During the procedure, the excess skin and subcutaneous fat tissue are removed, and the mammary gland is re-centered. This can lead to having smaller breasts if the amount of tissue to be removed is considerable and also as an effect of the lifting. Because of this, it is important for the plastic surgeon to let you know what you can expect in terms of breast size after the breast lift. Patients will breasts on the smaller side often choose to have implants inserted at the same time to increase the size of the breasts while lifting them.

For patients on the other side of the spectrum, it is important to mention that the volume of the mammary gland is not reduced during the breast lift. It is just the skin and associated fat tissue that is removed in excess. The mammary gland remains untouched after the breast lift as the plastic surgeon will just elevate it to an anatomically natural position.

The plastic surgeon should have a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the female anatomy, aside from extensive medical knowledge and experience. An experienced plastic surgeon will take into consideration all the appearances and particularities of your case and make a recommendation that is adapted to you.

When it comes to choosing the right plastic surgeon for your breast lift and to make sure you have made the correct decision, check the reputation of the plastic surgeon and the medical facility where he performs. Make sure the surgeon who will operate on you is board-certified and has played out the procedure routinely in the past. Moreover, you should have a look at before and after pictures of patients he had performed breasts lifts on to form an idea about what results are to be expected.

You should always schedule the meeting with the plastic surgeon well in advance and have ready a list of questions or issues that you want to discuss with him. If you are not fully satisfied with how the consultation goes, look for a different plastic surgeon that you feel more comfortable with.


What to do during the consultation for a breast lift

You should bring a list of topics to discuss during the consultation with the plastic surgeon. On the list, make sure to add questions about what are the results to be expected after the surgery, what are the risks and potential complications, how is the recovery period after the breast lift surgery, etc. You should get an answer to all your questions and you should feel like you can trust the plastic surgeon completely. Plastic surgery is actually a teamwork where collaboration is essential for the success of the procedure. It is crucial to know you can work together with the plastic surgeon to achieve the desired results. Moreover, you should know that the relationship with the plastic surgeon doesn’t end after the procedure. The patient is advised to schedule follow-up consultations to allow the plastic surgeon to monitor the healing process and prevent potential complications.

When showing up for the consultation for the breast lift, make sure you are ready for a medical examination as the plastic surgeon will need to have a look at the breasts and assess their condition, as well as perform measurements to diagnose the breast ptosis and the optimal treatment plan.

Another important thing you need to do during the consultation is to talk about your medical history, current medication, and allergies. They all play an important factor in deciding the surgical plan and the type of anesthesia to be used. The plastic surgeon will also want to know if you have a history of breast cancer in the family.

You will also have to talk about lifestyle habits. The plastic surgeon will want to know whether you smoke or not as smoking can interfere and delay the healing process and even trigger complications that could otherwise be avoided. If you are active in the sports field, make sure to bring this up to allow the plastic surgeon to make a projection about when it would be safe for you to resume sports. If you have a job that requires intense physical activities, make sure to bring it up as well during the consultation. The recovery period after the procedure is no longer than 10-14 days; however, if you are in a physically demanding job, the plastic surgeon might advise you to take more time off from work.

While you will want to discuss in detail all the prerequisites of the pre-operative period, it is also important to talk to the plastic surgeon about sustaining the results of the breast lift or what you can do if you are not satisfied with the results.

Some patients prefer to come together with a friend or family member to the consultation. This is a good idea if you want to discuss how the meeting went. At the same time, you can take notes during the consultation for further reference and most plastic surgeons will be available for additional consultations if needed.



The pre-operative consultation for the breast lift is the first stage in the process of getting youthful, perky breasts. There are many factors that can cause breast ptosis, and many women are affected by this sooner or later in their lives. The breast lift is a good option for women who want to regain the beautiful appearance of their breasts and a more youthful figure.

During the consultation, it is important to discuss with the plastic surgeon all the details of the surgical plan, but also your medical history, allergies, and current medication. The plastic surgeon should be made aware if you are suffering from chronic or severe health conditions and also what results you expect to achieve after the procedure. This will help the plastic surgeon develop a surgical plan that is customized to your particular needs and will deliver the results you want after the breast lift.


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