What to do during the recovery period after butt surgery

What to do during the recovery period after butt surgery

03rd Dec 2019


Getting a bigger butt is a dream for many women, but also men nowadays. Having a butt that is underdeveloped compared to the rest of the patient’s anatomy can create an emotional discomfort that can be easily alleviated nowadays with the help of plastic surgery. Butt augmentation procedures can be performed with the patient’s own fat cells or with gluteal implants that are made out of silicone. The increase in the size of the buttocks achieved with the help of plastic surgery is durable, and it is safe for the patient to resort to these procedures. Make sure to choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon to increase the chances of having a smooth recovery period and maximize the results that can be achieved.

Even during the consultation for butt augmentation, the plastic surgeon should bring to your attention what is to be expected during the recovery period and what the patient needs to do during the recovery.

The recovery period after implant surgery as well for fat transfer is associated with a certain level of discomfort mainly due to the fact that the patient is not allowed to sit on the buttocks or lie on the back for at least three weeks post-op. This can be a struggle for patients who might have the tendency to rest on their back in the first few days after the surgery. However, it is important to understand that resting on the tummy is one of the crucial things to do during the recovery period. 

To alleviate the discomfort that can naturally occur during this time, patients are advised to take pain medication as per the doctor’s orders, to use ice packs on the butt to reduce the swelling, and to never lie on the back. Another thing you need to do during the recovery period and even after is to wear the compression garments recommended by the plastic surgeon. The buttocks will need compression and support after the surgery. Also for fat transfer, even the areas targeted with liposuction will need the compression and support offered by compressive garments, so the patient will have to wear a girdle too aside from the compressive shorts or panties. 

The most important thing the patient can do during the recovery period is to follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon to the letter and contact the surgeon immediately if unexpected side effects occur. There is a risk of infection that could be quite high in the case of implant surgery, and patients should be aware of what needs to be done to prevent it and also to treat the complication in case it occurs. 

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