What to eat after butt augmentation surgery

What to eat after butt augmentation surgery

26th Feb 2019

Buttock augmentation surgery can be performed using two methods that are very different from each other and deliver significantly different results. One method that can be performed is the butt implant surgery, and the other is fat transfer to the buttocks. When fat transfer is performed, the procedure begins with liposuction on the donor areas, purification of the fat cells collected, and in the last stage, the reinjection of the pure fat into the buttocks via special syringes.

When butt implant surgery is performed, the plastic surgeon will create incisions on the butt cheeks positioned in the intra gluteal fold. Using these incisions, the implants are inserted into pockets created inside the muscles of the butt or under these muscles. The incisions are sutured and compression dressings are applied on the wounds.

The hospitalization period after butt augmentation surgery is very short. Most patients will be able to leave the medical facility within hours after waking up from the general anesthesia that is often preferred for this type of surgery. Of course, the recommendation is to have someone drive you home as the patient won’t be able to drive for at least another few days after the procedure.

The recovery period after butt augmentation can be a delicate time for the patients undergoing it. Due to the placement of the incisions, a strict hygiene of the area is recommended. There are also other discomforts associated with the recovery period after buttock augmentation such as the need to avoid sitting or lying on the buttocks for at least three weeks post-op.

For patients undergoing surgery with general anesthesia, it is not uncommon to be confronted with constipation after surgery. However, it is ideal to avoid constipation after butt augmentation surgery. This is the reason why many patients want to know what to eat after the procedure.

First, you should know that eating should be resumed gradually after the procedure. Don’t try to have a big meal immediately afterwards, even if you are hungry and have been fasting for many hours before the procedure. Ideally, the first meal after butt implant surgery would consist of a bowl of soup. Freshly squeezed fruits and vegetable juices are a great option when it comes to the first meals after surgery. What you need to do is provide your body with nutrients without making it difficult for it to digest them. After the first one or two meals, you can try eating lean meats with vegetables and even dairy products. Keep in mind that to be able to avoid constipation, you need to have a considerable intake of fibers and to avoid things that usually make you bloated or constipated. Coffee is a good option when it comes to fighting constipation, but keep in mind that too much caffeine is not recommended during the recovery period.

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