What to expect after a breast enhancement procedure

What to expect after a breast enhancement procedure

13th May 2019

What to expect after a breast enhancement procedure


Breast augmentation with implants is a very popular and frequently performed breast enhancement procedure in the United States and all over the world. It entails the use of silicone or saline solution implants inserted into the breasts to make them bigger, rounder and fuller. The procedure is recommended for women who are in a good emotional and health condition and are fully aware of the potential risks and complications associated with this procedure.

When resorting to breast enhancement procedures to increase the size of the breasts, most women are concerned with what to expect after such a procedure is performed. A responsible, experienced board-certified plastic surgeon will tell patients all about the risks of the procedure and also the evolution of the results.

If you thought that after getting implants you would wake up to the perfect breasts, you might be up for a disappointment.

What really happens after a breast augmentation is that the breasts will be swollen and bruised for weeks or even months. Moreover, the breasts could be quite high on the chest, making you look like you have been lifting weights. You need to know that all these are a normal stage of the post-operative period and that the breasts can take up to one year and in some cases even more to get to their final appearance.

The incisions required to insert the implants will heal in about two weeks after the procedure, but it can take longer if complications occur or if the implants used were overly large for the patient’s anatomy. For the first few months after the procedure, the suture lines will be visible and even change colors. The aesthetic appearance of the scars will be final a year after the procedure when the cicatrization process has completed.

It is essential for patients to understand even before undergoing breast enhancement procedures that the results that are visible immediately after waking up from the effects of the anesthesia have nothing to do with the final results that will transpire within the first year post-op.

It is realistic to expect for the breasts to take some time to heal, for the implants to descend in their position, and to get the final appearance you discussed with the plastic surgeon.

Moreover, in the first few days after surgery, it is realistic to expect a certain level of pain and discomfort. The tissues of the breasts have been sectioned and went through the trauma of the surgery, and it is only normal for pain to occur. The discomfort can be caused by the implants stretching the tissues of the breasts, and often it is represented by a feeling of tension on the chest. This is normal and will disappear in time when the body gets used to the implants.


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