What to expect during the first two weeks after butt augmentation?

What to expect during the first two weeks after butt augmentation?

15th May 2018

The butt augmentation surgery can help you achieve larger buttocks that you have been dreaming of. Although you can see the results immediately, it still takes some time for you to completely heal and fully enjoy it. Proper care for the body should be done in order to make sure that it recovers well and as fast as it can.

Right after the surgery, you would wake up in the recovery room. As the effects of the anesthesia subside, you can feel the pain and soreness. This can be remedied by taking painkillers that your surgeon prescribed. These medications help make sure that you feel comfortable as you go through the recovery.

The downtime of butt augmentation surgery depends on the kind of procedure you go for. Those who choose to make use of butt implants can expect a longer recovery period as compared to those who go for a Brazilian butt lift. The results of the two methods can also differ but what you do during the recovery is quite similar.

During the first two weeks after the surgery, putting pressure on the buttocks should be greatly avoided. For those who went through a fat transfer, this would improve the chances of the transferred fat on their buttocks to survive. This just means that the augmentation will bring a positive result. Pressure on the buttocks is also avoided by those who have butt implants to make sure that when it heals, the implant will be in the right position and would not be moved.

Although sitting down is to be avoided, a patient can sit down for short periods of time. A few minutes will be alright if it is really necessary. A doughnut-shaped pillow can also be used to prevent too much pressure on the buttocks while sitting down on it. Similarly, lying down on supine position is also not advised. Instead, patients are required to sleep on their tummy during the first two weeks.

Resting is your number one priority during the recovery from a butt augmentation procedure. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to lay down all day long. It is also important that you walk around and move your legs. This makes sure that the blood flows properly through them and helps prevent blood clots from developing on your legs. Blood clots that form are quite dangerous because they can block off an organ’s blood supply.

In the first two weeks, you may also observe some swelling in your butt. This is normal due to the trauma received by your buttocks during the surgery. Some people may worry that their butts are too big, but this could just be due to the swelling. You can already observe changes in the size and shape of the buttocks but the first two weeks wouldn’t show you the permanent results of the surgery. You still need to wait a little longer to see the final outcome of the procedure. Aside from the swelling, bruising can also be observed and like the former, this will also go away as your body heals.


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