What to expect on the day of your butt augmentation surgery

What to expect on the day of your butt augmentation surgery

18th Sep 2018

Once you finalize your decision to undergo butt augmentation, you can now have it scheduled. Before that day comes, you should thoroughly prepare for it. You should have already bought all the things that you need and prepared your home for your recovery. You may feel a lot of different emotions as the day comes to a close. Emotions such as excitement and anxiety can occur at the same time, but you should also try your best to calm down and relax.

When the day of your surgery finally arrives, you would be required to have yourself admitted to the hospital or health facility where the procedure would be performed. You will also be asked by your surgeon to fast for at least 6 to 8 hours before the intervention. This is especially true when general anesthesia would be used with your surgery.

At the hospital, your IV line would be inserted. This line is where medications and other substances that your body needs would be provided. This helps them reach your bloodstream and take effect easily. You may be showed to your room where you can wait as they prepare the operating room. Once ready, they will fetch you from your room and bring you to the OR where you will meet your surgeon, anesthesiologist as well as the other members of the surgical team.

During the surgery, you will be lying face down so the surgeon can work on your buttocks and insert the implants properly. Before they start, they will make sure that you don’t feel anything. You will be put to sleep as they make an incision, insert the implants and then close the wound.

If you are having a Brazilian butt lift and not the implants, it is possible for you to be awake during the procedure. Although you are fully conscious, surgeons will still make sure that you are numb so that you won’t feel any discomfort as they sculpt your body. With the Brazilian butt lift, you will first undergo liposuction. After preparing the fat obtained from your body, it will be re-injected into your buttocks for augmentation.

After the surgery, you may wake up in the recovery room. You will still be in a prone position or a lying position with your face down. This prevents any pressure on your newly operated buttocks. You may be required to stay in the hospital or health facility for a day or more to make sure that you recover well from the procedure. Your vitals will be monitored by the nurse, and your medication will also be given to you. Once the surgeons see that you are already strong enough to recover on your own, they can now have you released.

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