What to look for in before-and-after photos in breast enhancement surgery

What to look for in before-and-after photos in breast enhancement surgery

15th Aug 2014

The abundance of before-and-after photos online from various websites may feel overwhelming for patients who are doing their homework before making the final decision on the plastic surgery of their choice. Here at our Houston breast enhancement surgery practice, we encourage our patients to personally check before-and-after photos during consultations.

Why visit us personally?  First, there’s a subset of patients who prefer not to have their photos posted online but are fine with their photos being shown to others in person. This will help you see more results when you visit us here at our office. Second, we would be able to pick photos of patients who have similar concerns as yours, not to mention a resemblance in the physical aspect such as height, weight, and body frame.

Below is a quick rundown of what to look for in before-and-after photos:

  • As mentioned earlier, find patients that are highly similar to you in age, gender, ethnicity, body type, and breast shape. Once you’ve gotten past through the aforementioned, find patents with similar height, weight, breast shape, and shoulder-width as you.

  • Look for consistency in the lighting, formatting, and appearance of the photos.

  • Check for symmetry in the photographs. Although perfection in each procedure may not be possible, an experienced plastic surgeon will be able to produce symmetrical results.

  • Assess for the surgeon’s aesthetic sense as plastic surgery itself is not just about technicalities but is also about art.

  • Look closely for scars in the after photos. Although scarring is not inevitable in plastic surgery, an experienced plastic surgeon will be able to make it appear less noticeable and inconspicuous as possible.

Your Individualized Breast Enhancement Surgery Plan

Now that you’re already armed with the knowledge on what to look for in before-and-after photos, we invite you to get in touch with us! Dr. Cortes understands that wanting to improve the appearance of your breasts is not just about looking good but it’s also all about feeling confident about yourself. Moreover, we understand here at our practice that each patient is unique — from preference to their lifestyle habits, thus we aim to create an individualized breast enhancement surgery plan. 


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