What to think about when deciding on breast implant size

What to think about when deciding on breast implant size

20th Jun 2014

There’s no denying the fact that breast implants can enhance the appearance of your breasts and significantly make a difference in making  you appear attractive. However, overly large implants such as those of Pamela Anderson Lee may actually do the opposite for you, that is make you appear with unrealistic proportions rather than enhance your natural contours.

When it comes to deciding on breast implant size, we often remind our clients here at our Houston breast enhancement surgery practice that it’s not just about choosing what looks good on you. Read on below to figure out what other things need to be considered as well.

  • Existing breast tissue, elasticity of your skin, body weight, shape and size, and shoulder width and height (assessed and evaluated by Dr. Cortes)
  • Your lifestyle – Are you athletic? Do you regularly run marathons?
  • Your existing wardrobe – When fitting various sizes of implants, you might want to bring a sample of each outfit type in your wardrobe — from T-shirts to cocktail dresses to casual dresses
  • Your personality – Are you the type who enjoys being the center of attention? Or do you prefer looking great in a swimsuit but doesn’t really want everyone to look at you the entire time you’re at the beach?

It’s All Up to You!

Although a friend, family member or a plastic surgeon can help you decide your implant size, you alone can make the final decision. There are instances wherein your plastic surgeon may not agree with your size options. Keep in mind that having too large implants may cause you discomfort in the long run such as putting unnecessary strain on your back or pain when exercising. Lastly, it may be best to check before-and-after photos of previous patients that have similar or nearly identical measurements as you. 

Your Individualized Breast Enhancement Surgery Plan

Do not hesitate to ask questions during your personal consultation with Dr. Cortes. Dr. Cortes understands that wanting to improve the appearance of your breasts is not just about looking good but it’s also all about feeling confident about yourself. Moreover, we understand here at our practice that each patient is unique — from preference to their lifestyle habits, thus we aim to create an individualized breast enhancement surgery plan.

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