What type of bra should i wear after breast augmentation?

What type of bra should i wear after breast augmentation?

18th Sep 2018

Just like many celebrities, maybe you are closer to achieving your dream of getting bigger, fuller breasts with the help of a breast augmentation surgery. Your surgery is already scheduled, and you found out that after the procedure you will need to wear a special post-op bra for at least six weeks if not more, and you are looking for information about how this bra should be.

After any type of breast surgery, it is recommended to choose a compressive bra that will fit good on your new breasts and give them the support they need. This not only will give you better aesthetic results after surgery but it will also make your recovery period shorter.

What is a post-operative bra?

The post-op bra is a bra that is mandatory to be worn the months following a breast operation. Whether it involves implants, mastectomy (for breast cancer patients), augmentation, reduction, or any operation involving your breast, it is essential to choose a good post-operative bra for better recovery and optimal comfort during this period.

As is the case with any other type of surgery, pain and discomfort can be experienced after a breast augmentation. This is the reason why your plastic surgeon will advise you to wear the post-op or sports bra around the clock following the procedure.

The post-operative bra needs to act on multiple levels. First, it needs to deliver a compression of the breast that will prevent them to bounce with each movement of your body. Second, it must provide comfort and support for the new breasts.

Post-op bras are recommended by many plastic surgeons. However, you can just as well wear a good quality sports bra that will have the same effects. The seams of the post-op or sports bra need to be external, so it doesn’t come in contact with the surgical incision site or damage and irritate the skin. This will help you get good looking scars after the procedure.

A post-operative bra is designed with a concern for well-being, reconstitution, effectiveness but also aesthetics in mind. The materials are rigorously selected and different from the usual bras. Respecting breast morphology for the post-op bras is essential in order to avoid damaging the breast tissues after the surgery. The materials used for the sports or post-op bra should be soft and with compressive qualities to have a protective role for your skin while being able to support the weight of the breasts without putting unnecessary pressure on your shoulders or back.

What type of bra to wear after a breast augmentation

We have two distinct stages after the breast augmentation. First, there is the recovery period during which a sports bra or a special post-op bra is recommended, and then we have the period after your recovery is complete and the plastic surgeon allows you to stop wearing compressive bras.

1. During the recovery stage

For the first six to eight weeks following the surgery (sometimes even longer), the patient is required to wear a sports bra that will help reduce the swelling, offer support for the newly augmented breasts, and keep them immobile to be able to recover faster. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to wear the bra non-stop for the first weeks and then only during the day. You can take it off while taking a shower.

The post-op or sports bra to be worn during the recovery stage needs to provide comfort but also keep your breasts compressed. Make sure to choose a bra that allows you to move your arms freely and doesn’t put pressure on your back. Usually this happens when the straps are not wide enough.

2. After the recovery

So you are finally rid of the sports bra, and you are wondering what type of bra you can wear now. Before the breast augmentation you might have been an A or B cup size, and now you have a C or a D cup. Can you wear the same type of bras as before? In a vast majority of cases, the answer is no. After your breast augmentation procedure, you will see it is necessary to go bra shopping. Your enhanced and augmented breasts have different needs now, and the bra needs to be suitable for their new shape and size. Removing the padding of your old bra just won’t do the trick. You will notice that the bras made for larger cups come in different shapes and with a different padding and wires. Larger breasts need more support than small breasts that in many cases need just covering.

One of the main differences in the bras you wore before and after the surgery is the design of the band and the straps. For larger bra sizes, the straps need to be wider. Otherwise, they will just dig in the skin on your shoulders causing unnecessary pain. The band of the bra should also be wider to provide more support for the base of the breasts. Not choosing a suitable bra for your breast size can trigger back, neck and shoulder pain and might also make your movement difficult.


Before undergoing a breast augmentation surgery, it is important to consider all aspects of the procedure, including what type of bra to wear after the intervention. During the recovery stage, your plastic surgeon will advise you to wear a special post-op bra or a sports bra that is meant to reduce the swelling, provide comfort, and compress the breasts to keep them from moving with each movement of your body as this will reduce pain. Once the recovery stage is over, you will need to find some bras that you can wear and are suitable for the size and shape of your new breasts. You will soon discover that the type of bras you wore before the intervention is not a good option anymore as they can’t provide the much-needed support for your newly augmented breasts.

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