What type of breast reduction technique offers the best lift?

What type of breast reduction technique offers the best lift?

19th Sep 2017

The breast reduction procedure helps those who have larger breasts to have better-looking ones by removing some skin, tissue, and fat from the breasts. This procedure helps lift the breasts so that the sagging can be lessened. The reduction also helps in lifting the breasts to make it look perkier. There are different techniques that can be used in the breast reduction procedure.

There are a few breast reduction techniques that are available today. The technique used by the surgeon on the patient will depend on how extensive the reduction should be and the degree of the sagging. Two of the most common techniques are the traditional or anchor technique and the vertical incision technique.

The traditional technique makes use of an incision around the areola—a vertical one down the base of the breast and a horizontal one along the crease on the base of the breast. This will form an anchor-shaped scar once the wound has healed. Through this incision, the surgeon can reduce the mass of the breast significantly. It also involves repositioning the nipple at a higher position to make it look better. This technique is best for patients who need a huge reduction or those who have much sagging to correct.

The vertical incision technique is best for those who have noticeably sagging breasts and are in need of a moderate amount of breast reduction. It is made by creating an incision around the areola and a vertical one to the base of the breast. The incision is enough to allow the surgeon to remove some tissue, fat, and skin. This results to a lollipop-shaped scar.

Both the traditional technique and vertical incision technique include a breast lift. After removing the excess tissue and fat, excess skin will also be removed. The removal of the skin will tighten the breast and lift it up. It is also possible to do a breast lift procedure on the breast without a breast reduction.

The scarless breast reduction technique is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t involve any large incision. Only a small incision is made to make way for the cannula that will be used for the liposuction. The scarless technique is a breast reduction technique that doesn’t offer the breast lift. Although the breast size can be decreased by removing excess fat, there is a great chance for the breast to sag especially when a significant amount of fat is removed from the breast. This is the reason why it is not advisable to have liposuction of the breasts. Some surgeons do the liposuction of the breast if only a small amount of fat will be removed, but they still inform the patients about the potential sagging.

Before deciding which procedure of breast reduction to go through, it is best to hear the opinion of a certified and experienced surgeon. He/she will be able to assess your breasts and give advice on which procedure is best for you depending on your breasts and on the results that you want to achieve. He/she will also be able to assess if you are qualified for the procedure based on your health.

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