What will a breast lift do for you?

What will a breast lift do for you?

20th Jan 2020


The breast lift can correct an imperfection of the breasts that ends up affecting all women sooner or later in their lives. We are talking about breast ptosis, commonly known as the sagginess of the breasts. There are multiple causes behind the sagginess of the breasts, and one of them is the natural passing of time. Of course, certain factors can trigger breast ptosis sooner in life. Among these factors are weight fluctuations and a large natural volume of the breasts. 

The only efficient and viable method to correct the sagginess of the breasts is to undergo a breast lift. When performed, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts and eliminate the excess of skin while also re-centering the mammary gland. 

Before scheduling their procedure, many patients want to know what a breast lift will do for them. Will their breasts be bigger or smaller or of a different shape? In short, the answer is no to all these questions. When undergoing a breast lift, it is reasonable to expect perkier breasts after as this is the only goal of the procedure. Unrealistic expectations are trying to achieve breasts that are considerably smaller or bigger and even breasts of a different shape.

The plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin and elevate the mammary gland to a more suitable position on the chest wall. The volume of the mammary gland is not affected in any way during a simple breast lift. This means that the volume of the breasts will be the same; it is just their position on the chest wall that is changing and the fact that the mammary gland tissue will be more concentrated. Also, for patients undergoing the procedure with the hope of achieving breasts of a different shape, it is important to understand that there can’t be considerable changes in the shape of the breasts after the breast lift as the plastic surgeon can’t significantly alter the shape just by removing skin and re-centering the mammary gland. This means that if you want to achieve that upper pole fullness that is very much in demand nowadays, you might need to get implants at the same time with the breast lift. 

When it comes to changing the volume of the breasts, it is true that if the breast ptosis was severe, chances are after the excess skin is eliminated and the breasts are elevated, they might look a bit smaller. But the only real reduction in volume is due to the skin excess that was removed. If you want breasts that are smaller or bigger after the procedure, talk about this with the plastic surgeon as he might advise you to get implants or a breast augmentation at the same time with your breast lift. 

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