What you should know about choosing the right breast implants

What you should know about choosing the right breast implants

18th Nov 2018

Before going under the knife for a breast augmentation surgery, there are a few things you should know about breast implants and also some factors to consider when choosing the right type for your particular case.

Nowadays, when it comes to breast implants there are so many sizes, shapes, textures available that it might be difficult for the patient to realize what the suitable implant is for her.

Before going into detail and discussing different types of breast implants, you should know that the decision towards one type of implant or the other should be made only after specific measurements and with the recommendation of your plastic surgeon.

Breast implants

When considering breast augmentation surgery, choosing the implants is the most important decision you will have to make, aside from selecting a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon. There are now plenty of sizes and shapes available for implants and choosing the right one becomes an important task for the patient.

Selecting the implants that will get you the desired results after surgery is a decision leading to long-term consequences. Many patients end up having multiple procedures performed due to the inability to choose the right type of implant or because they went against their plastic surgeon’s recommendations. It is crucial to make time to consider all types of implants, think carefully, and take into consideration all the factors.

How to choose the implants

During the pre-operative consultation for breast augmentation, the plastic surgeon should perform specific measurements that will help you in making a decision. He will measure the breasts and evaluate the skin condition and the mammary gland thickness. On the basis of these measurements, the plastic surgeon will decide reasonable limits for the size of the implants. Your surgeon will perform these measurements either by direct measurement or using software in which data is introduced. This is an important step and one of the reasons why undergoing plastic surgery abroad with no pre-operative consultation is not a good idea.

The plastic surgeon will recommend a certain type of silicone or saline solution implants, explaining the pros and cons of each type. You will be able to try on different sizes and feel different types of implants and discuss your concerns and all the details with the surgeon. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rush making a decision. Take all the time you need and ask all the questions that go through your mind. This can save you money, time and discomfort in the future by avoiding additional plastic surgery procedures.

After getting breast implants, you might feel uncomfortable during the first two weeks, but the goal is to feel just like you always had them all along.

Natural versus huge, round breasts

There will be patients asking their plastic surgeon for natural-looking breasts as they don’t want their colleagues or family to realize that the improvement in the breast department was achieved through plastic surgery. It is essential to define what natural means for you as different patients have different understandings of the word. Something you could do is have a look online for before and after pictures of other patients undergoing the breast augmentation with implants, preferably on your plastic surgeon’s site. By doing so you can better understand what you like and dislike and then you can show it to the plastic surgeon. Keep in mind that different patients achieve different results, even if they have a similar anatomy of the breasts before the procedure. Don’t expect your breasts to look exactly like in the picture you have brought to the pre-operative consultation.

It is essential to always keep in mind that it is your body and your choice so the final decision is yours. Many patients go unprepared for the pre-operative consultation or fail to explain to the plastic surgeon what their goals are and end up with unsatisfactory results in terms of the size and shape of the breasts. You have to make a decision and understand that the results will be with you for a long time, even permanently. There are patients who had a breast augmentation with overly big implants only to have them removed some time after because they find it difficult to deal with the fact that their breasts were too obvious and in some situations made them uncomfortable and even embarrassed. If huge, round breasts look like a good idea when you are in the entertainment industry and want to show off your cleavage on a daily basis, the same is not true for a professional woman or a stay-at-home mom.

Lifestyle choices and breast implants

While these two might seem unconnected at first sight, there is an intrinsic relationship between how we look and our lifestyle choices. For example, if you are an active person, always engaging in sports activities and events, you might find it difficult or uncomfortable to do the same after getting huge breast implants. Take into consideration your desire to change your lifestyle before getting breast implants that are overly big. Also keep in mind that a new wardrobe might be required after the procedure, as well as supportive lingerie.


Your line of work, personal lifestyle choices and even the clothing preferences are factors to consider before choosing the implant size that is suitable for you. But all these come after specific measurements have been made and the plastic surgeon has suggested a type of implant.

Age is also an important factor when it comes to the size of the implants. Getting overly large implants early in life can trigger breast sagginess sooner. Considering genetic factors such as height, weight, anatomy of the body and the existing mammary tissue is also essential when deciding upon one type of breast implant or the other. The type of breast implant you choose will have long-term consequences and can help you avoid additional procedures to correct the appearance of your breasts later on.

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