What you should know before undergoing breast reduction

What you should know before undergoing breast reduction

22nd Sep 2019


Breast reduction is the plastic surgery procedure performed on women suffering due to the overly large size of the breasts. Back, neck and shoulder pain are often present when the woman has breasts that are overdeveloped compared to the rest of her anatomy. The procedure is performed not only for aesthetic purposes but also to help women get rid of the pain due to the intense pressure put by the volume of the breasts on the spine.

Breast reduction often entails the use of a general anesthetic and several incisions made in different parts of the breasts, according to the surgical plan that will be created and explained by the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. The incisions are used to detach the skin envelope of the breasts and get access to the glandular tissue. The surgeon will remove the excess of mammary gland tissue, then re-drape the skin on the breasts and also eliminate the surplus of skin. The nipple and areola complex are repositioned, and their dimensions are adjusted to fit with the new shape and size of the breasts. 

There are certain details about the procedure that patients should know and fully understand and accept before going forward to reduce the size of the breasts. 

Before anything else, you should know that after breast reduction surgery, slight asymmetries can be possible, especially if a considerable amount of breast tissue was removed. The asymmetries are often difficult to detect for the untrained eye, so it is nothing to worry about. If the asymmetries are visible, an additional procedure might be required to correct it. This is always a risk when considering breast reduction in patients with gigantomastia, in particular. 

Another aspect of breast reduction that the patient should know is related to the shape and size of the breasts after the procedure. Overly large breasts have the tendency to sag earlier than smaller breasts, so in many cases, we are talking about a patient with large, saggy breasts undergoing breast reduction. After the procedure and after the side effects have subsided, the patient will have breasts the size that was agreed during the consultation and with a natural shape. Some patients expect to have smaller, perfectly round and full breasts as this is what they believe is the ideal size and shape for breasts. However, while the shape of the breasts can be improved, the upper pole fullness that is desired by many patients nowadays can only be achieved by using breast implants with a high projection.

How breastfeeding is affected after undergoing breast reduction is another detail you should know about. Patients can have difficulties with breastfeeding, or this can even become impossible. 


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