What’s new in terms of natural methods for butt enlargement?

What’s new in terms of natural methods for butt enlargement?

30th Jul 2019


Nowadays more and more people are preoccupied with using plastic surgery to achieve natural results. With the development of modern medicine, it is plastic surgery that can offer natural methods for butt enlargement. 

For many years now people have been looking for natural methods to increase the size of their breasts and buttocks, resorting to creams, pills, massages and physical exercises. However, despite the advertising, there are no other natural methods that can provide a significant and long-lasting augmentation, aside from the ones offered by plastic surgery.

When thinking about butt enlargement procedures, most people would have butt implant surgery in mind, and it is true that it is commonly performed with spectacular results. However, what’s new in terms of natural methods for butt enlargement is fat grafting to the buttocks.

The procedure entails the use of fat collected with liposuction that is transferred to the buttocks after undergoing a complex purification process. The procedure is very sought after nowadays for two main reasons:

  1.   It enhances the aesthetic appearance of the body

Fat grafting starts with liposuction. Liposuction is performed on areas of the body with an excess of fat. Most of the time, these areas are the abdomen, flanks, lower back, and thighs. By having liposuction performed on areas with a surplus of adipose tissue, the patient will benefit from the slimming down of these areas. When performing liposuction, the plastic surgeon will most likely target the surrounding areas to create an even more spectacular aesthetic result after butt augmentation. Afterwards, the patient will have a smaller waist or thinner legs and a larger behind, hence an improved appearance of the body.

  1.   It presents none of the complications associated with butt implants

It is important to note that implants can increase the size of the butt more considerably compared to a single session of fat transfer. However, fat grafting is not associated with any of the complications that can occur after using butt implants. Among these complications are capsular contracture, delayed wound healing, opening of the incisions, damage to the nerves, etc. 

When getting a bigger butt with the help of implants, one of the most important decisions that needs to be made is related to the type and volume of the implants. When the implants are too big, a series of complications can be triggered. Fat transfer doesn’t come risk-free, as no plastic surgery procedure does, but it is only associated with common complications that can occur after any surgical act such as seroma and hematoma, bleeding, etc. Even the risk of contracting an infection after fat transfer is reduced, despite the area where the procedure is performed is prone to bacterial proliferation.


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